Helping maritime people and businesses grow

Martide's all-in-one platform is designed to help shipping companies recruit and manage crew, suppliers advertise their services, and seafarers find maritime jobs.


World class maritime recruitment and crew management software

Source Candidates

Martide's global talent pool provides your shipping company with qualified seafarers who are actively seeking employment.

Simplify Recruitment

Build customized pipelines to help you keep track of your candidates all the way through the recruitment process.

Manage Crew

Manage wages, budgets and minimum safe manning. Stay connected with seafarers and line them up again and again.

Find Suppliers

Connect and do business all in one place with manning agents, work gear suppliers, travel agents and more.

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Helping suppliers in the maritime industry expand their reach

Company Directory

List your organization in your company directory and let your competitors know you mean business!

Promote Product

Whether you're selling seafarer working gear, flights or visas, our platform gives you greater exposure in the maritime industry.

Approved Suppliers

Join our Approved Supplier Network and give shipping companies yet another reason to choose you over the competition.

Boost Profits

A wider audience means more customers. More customers mean more profit. It's really is as simple as that.



A place for seafarers to find and line up their next contract at sea

Find Jobs

Create your seafarer profile just once - then apply for as many jobs as you like with the click of a button

Track Applications

Know what's happening with your job application at every step thanks to Martide's 'My Jobs' feature and built-in messaging.

Be Visible

When you create a Martide account, employers can contact you directly if they think you're the right fit for their vacancy.

More Opportunities

We work with prestigious shipping companies. Creating an account with Martide give you direct access to them.




Unlock your shipping company's potential by connecting with qualified seafarers and approved suppliers Martide's all-encompassing recruitment and crewing solution helps you control costs and run a tighter ship!



Put your business in front of people that matter. Open up a world of possibilities by becoming a Martide Approved Supplier so other companies in the industry can reach out to you with confidence.



Register an account, create your seafarer profile, upload your documents and certificates and start applying for jobs today. From deck ratings to engine officer, Martide is the only site for maritime jobs.

Are you a shipowner looking for a better way to manage maritime recruitment and crew management?

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