Are you a shipowner or manager looking for a maritime recruitment agency to help you fill your vacant seafarer jobs? Maybe you’re not getting the results you initially hoped for from your current crewing company. Or perhaps you’re thinking about hiring a recruiter for the very first time.

Whichever it is, there are a few things to consider to ensure you choose the right team for the job.

Things to consider when choosing a maritime recruitment agency

As a marine recruitment specialist working purely in the shipping industry, Martide have inside knowledge of this very niche sector. We work with some of the biggest names in shipping, helping them find the right crew for their fleet. We also make sure that the seafarers who come to us looking for seafarer jobs are put forward for any jobs they’re qualified for and interested in.

Read on for some of our unique insights as a successful recruiter working in the maritime industry that should help point you in the right direction when it comes to finding the right staffing firm for your small to medium sized shipping company.

5 questions to ask of your maritime recruitment agency

  1. Are they responsive?

Does your current (or potential) crewing company answer your emails in a timely fashion? Do they return your calls? Always pick up the phone? Or - even worse - do you ever get redirected straight to the dreaded voice mail?

We all have days when we’d really rather not take that call or answer that message but a true professional will never ignore their client. Rather, they’ll take the time to listen to or read your inquiry and get back to you with a solution.

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No one likes being ignored; it’s unprofessional and it’s just plain rude. If the people you’re relying on to fill your empty seafarer jobs don’t even bother to at least pretend they’re doing what you’re paying them for to your face, it’s a safe bet to say they’re not doing much behind the scenes either.

2. Are they organized?

We know marine recruitment agencies in the shipping industry are spinning multiple plates at once. For example at Martide we have dozens of open seafarer jobs at any one time - which translates to multiple clients, manning agents and seafarers to collaborate with. That’s how we know that multitasking and organizational skills are an absolute must.

We’re very aware of which shipping positions are the most crucial to fill - the looming deadlines of change over dates for crew are never far from our minds!

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That’s why we urge you to make sure that any marine recruitment agencies you choose to work with are coordinated and well put together. That way you'll know they're a keeper!

You might be able to get away with being a bit scatterbrained in some industries - but staffing, HR and shipping are not one of them! From your point of view, even the slightest delay at your recruiter’s end due to disorganization can mean missing out on top talent for your jobs at sea.

3. Are they up-to-date?

Recruitment methods change. The way we hire and interview candidates is constantly evolving. The demands that younger seafarers are placing on employers as early as the initial interview stage are completely different to those of a generation or two ago. All of this means that you need your maritime recruitment agency to be one step ahead when it comes to the latest trends in sourcing and recruiting seafarers.

For example, software solutions such as Martide’s maritime recruitment platform help shipowners and managers streamline their sourcing and hiring of crew members. It also gives you as much control over the recruitment process as you like - or lets you be completely hands off and leave it to us and/or a manning agent to do the hard work for you if you prefer!

4. Are they detail-oriented?

Shipping is unique in that once a candidate has been hired for one of your jobs at sea, if things aren’t working out it’s not quite as easy as saying “Sorry, it's not working out - Friday’s your last day.” Of course that would rarely be the case in a regular 9 to 5 job - protocol and all that - but you get our point.

If your shipping recruitment firm hasn’t paid due care and attention to what you’re actually looking for, chances are you could end up with an unsuitable new recruit onboard ship for the next six months! A marine recruitment or crewing company will make sure you've found the right person for your job.

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It’s crucial for both your business and the wellbeing of the seafarer that applicants are matched to the exact jobs that they are suitable and qualified for. And that can only happen if a recruiter is diligent and listens to you, the client.

Martide’s recruitment software solution automatically filters out candidates who don’t have the right work experience and/or documents, making it impossible for them to apply for jobs at sea that they’re not a fit for. This also means that you can cut to the chase and only need consider relevant candidates rather than sifting through hundreds of pointless applications.

5. Are they available?

As any good recruiter knows, you are at the beck and call of your clients. We’re in a service industry and employers rely on us to find them the right seafarers for their open shipping jobs. Just as those same seafarers count on us to find them their next contract. That’s what we do, and that’s why we’re here - to make your life easier and to solve your staffing issues and make the perfect match between shipowner and seafarer. And that means we need to be available.

Martide help you fill your jobs at sea

In a traditional office environment that can mean working around a client’s schedules and putting in the hours. We’re totally onboard with that, however, the beauty of our online maritime recruitment platform means that thanks to our website and our mobile app, both employers and job seekers can log in at any hour of the day, no matter where in the world they are to check on, chase up and manage their vacancies and applications.

If you’re looking for a new seafarer recruitment agency and you think Martide might just be the one, create your free account now. If you'd like to find out more about our solutions in a no-strings-attached chat you can also schedule a demo so that you can make sure that we're absolutely the right maritime recruitment agency for you.