For shipowners and managers looking to make their maritime recruitment processes more streamlined and less time consuming, Martide have created a handy feature called Alternative Documents. Normally when you post open seafarer jobs on our platform, you need to specify which documents you need a seafarer to hold before they can apply for a position. Alternative Documents let you override that. Here’s how it works.

So that you only see the candidates that are ideally suited for your crewing vacancies, the Data Template you created for that position will need to match their profile, experience and documentation. Under normal circumstances, the system won’t allow an application to be sent to you if a seafarer’s documents don’t match the documents you’ve set as required.  

However, we realized that sometimes you’ll want to be able to consider applicants for your jobs st sea who may hold slightly different skills or certificates. In our applicant tracking system feature Alternative Documents you can add ‘tags’ to override the Data Template requirements so that seafarers can upload a document or certificate as a substitute for the one you originally specified.

This is a really handy feature so we thought we’d take you through it in a little more detail in this knowledge base blog post. If, once you’ve read this post you'd like to see a more instructional step-by-step guide to Alternative Documents, check out our helpful user guide here.

Tip: Please note that you are not currently able to create an Alternative Document setting for each ship, only for your fleet as a whole. We’ll let you know via our knowledge base and blog if and when our busy Development Team make that change!

See more candidates with the Alternative Documents feature

First of all log in to Click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner. You will see a drop down menu: click Settings and then Alternative Documents.

Page on Martide's website showing where to find the Alternative Documents feature

You will then see this page:

Page on Martide website showing how to create an Alternative Document

This is your at-a-glance knowledge base guide to the Alternative Documents you have already enabled in your applicant tracking system. As well as being able to see the list of Alternative Documents you’ve previously added, you’ll also be able to edit or delete those documents, and add new Alternative Documents.

How to add a new Alternative Document

The good news is, it’s really quick and easy to add new documents. Simply click the blue Add button on the top left and you will be taken to this page:

Martide website page showing the page with new Alternative Documents

Here you can:

  • Select a rank from the drop down menu.
  • Select the original document/type.
  • Select the alternative document/type. These are the ‘tags’.

It really is as easy as that - and once it's activated you’ll be able to see any candidates who now match your wider sphere of requirements.

Editing and deleting Alternative Documents

As we mentioned above, you can also edit and delete your existing alternative documents. To edit a document that’s already in the system, go back to the main Alternative Documents page and click Edit next to the entry you want to change.

You’ll be able to change the rank and the original document/type as well as remove the alternative documents/types and add new tags.

To delete a document that’s already in the system, click Delete next to the entry you want to change. Make sure you really want to delete it as you won’t be given a warning!

It’s no great secret that maritime recruitment and the shipping industry are facing a skills shortage but by enabling the Alternative Documents feature you’ll be allowing a wider talent pool to see your fleet’s vacant seafarer jobs. We hope this will enable you to fulfill your empty positions even quicker than before!

We also hope you found this guide to Alternative Documents useful. If so, we have plenty of other helpful ‘how tos’ in our user support guide.

Want to know more about creating a vacancy for your jobs at sea? Trying to find a way to set permissions and customize what your team can do on our platform?  

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