To make a big impact in the digital industry your Maritime company has to look beyond the sea. Today our digital presence is crucial and we have to revamp our strategies from time to time to stand out from others.

Let us look into these top 5 digital marketing strategies in 2019 that would help you to stand out and get noticed.

1. Know Your  Audience

You need to know your target audience.

What kind of job are they looking for?

What is their company’s requirement?

Are they associated more with onshore or offshore activities?

In exchange for free information, you can collect data from visitors. It is always a good idea to take online surveys either on your website or through email from the present subscriber’s list.

In terms of your website’s activity, through various analytical tools, google analytics being the most famous of all, helps you to know your audience better. You can track the time when your audience is most active on social media or other platforms to publish the post then or just automate your social media campaign for that time. You should know which group your audience falls, what is the geographic location that you are targeting. This helps you to optimize your ads.

Google ads or today as it is called Ads is a massive help for anyone starting to build an online presence but also a waste of money if not done properly. The above data should be collected and should be used to optimize your ads to harness its full potential.

2. Social Media

Social media has become the number one platform to launch a product or advertise anything. Success is now determined by social media presence. With the use of influencer marketing, social media marketing has reached new heights across all platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Most people looking for products like yours are on social media. And advertising your products on social media will automatically bring attention. It was seen from research in 2012 that more than 54% of the shipping companies participate on LinkedIn. LinkedIn also a popular B2B connecting tool can be used to bring attention to your product.

Going viral is any marketer’s dream and the jackpot to an online presence. But things aren’t always as easy as it seems. You have to have a good online presence and should have good planning before executing a social media campaign. There are many factors such as the use of appropriate hashtags or creating the right content to target the right audience. Like using the appropriate hashtags like #maritimejobs or #shipping or anything related. You can post appropriate content to grab the attention of seafarers and related people.

3. Optimize your Site

The audience is shifting from desktops to mobiles and you have to be ready for this change. Simply because mobile is easily accessible and easy to use. Your content should also adapt accordingly. Most of the information about you is given by your website and your website should be mobile friendly. This not only helps your viewers to view your website comfortably but also helps your website rank higher whenever a keyword is searched by the user. You should see that your site is fast and optimized enough to increase traffic and to minimize your bounce rates.

4. Content Marketing

One of the main channels to drive traffic is through content marketing. Content marketing has been in a rage since the trend of digital marketing has started and will not fade away any time soon. Just think of it, whenever you want to get information about something, what is the first thing that you do? You google it and read about it. If you found an article interesting and legitimate you would follow the links mentioned. This link can lead you to the product page where you get your desired information with selected items related to it. For example, if you want to read about how to be an Engine cadet you will google it and any particular blog may lead you to the requirement of the job title. You may have a blog on your site that tells a lot about your maritime company and it’s requirements or has your content published by other bloggers.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing can never go out of style when done correctly. Today email marketing is teamed up with content marketing to create a greater impact. It is not just about cold emailing people about your product but harnessing big data for marketing. This harnessed data is then used to automate email marketing campaigns and be target specific. Also, making emails personalized according to their past searches with their names written will create a greater impact than just forwarding the same email to everyone in your list. Big data is a huge part of the marketing industry and to use it efficiently is what makes a campaign big.

We hope this article really helps you to understand the basics of what you have to do to kick start to your digital presence and help you build a boat out of collecting the floating logs of wood.