5 Reasons Your Company is Struggling to Fill Your Maritime Jobs

5 Reasons Your Company is Struggling to Fill Your Maritime Jobs

Eve Jones

Are you posting adverts for maritime jobs but not attracting the number of applicants you expected? Do your seafarer jobs sound amazing to you but are not getting the attention you think they deserve from candidates? Suffering from a shortage of job applicants can be a real headache for shipowners and managers.

You know there are seafarers out there so why aren’t they biting your arm off for a chance to work for your shipping company?

5 Reasons your company struggles to fill vacancies

We’ve talked about the talent shortage within the shipping industry as much as the next maritime recruitment blog but are we seeing the whole story? Is there more to it than a lack of women seafarers and the need for seafarers to hold more technical skills than before?

Are there other reasons why you might be struggling to attract applicants for your maritime jobs vacancies?

We decided to delve a little deeper into the issue.

Presentation is key

If your maritime organization is a global powerhouse your name alone is likely enough to get applicants through the door. But if you’re a small to medium sized shipping company, you’ll probably have to make your job adverts work a little harder for you.

Your ad might even be the first time that prospective contractors or employees have heard of you so make sure you’re stirring up enough interest in them to make them want to apply.

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A study by UK recruitment agency, CareerBuilder, discovered that “...75% of candidates say that the appearance of a job posting affects their choice to apply.”

Could this be a factor in your failure to attract candidates?

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Right time, wrong place

The shipping industry is niche. It’s all very well posting job vacancies for traditional 9 to 5 office or retail jobs with general recruitment agencies but for you to have any chance of success you need to post your maritime jobs in the right place.

That means speaking to a specialist maritime recruitment agency who knows the industry inside and out, and who will ensure that your adverts for open seafarer jobs are being shown to the right people - i.e. to seafarers.

It shouldn’t be this hard…

Take an honest look at your shipping company’s application process. Go through it yourself from a candidate’s point of view, or ask a coworker to do it for you and give you some honest feedback. If you find any part of it confusing or frustrating then you can bet your bottom dollar that your applicants do too.

In our ultra connected world, candidates, especially younger job seekers, simply don’t have the attention span to sit through a lengthy application process.

Rightly or wrongly that’s the reality of today and if an applicant can’t apply for your maritime jobs through their smartphone, chances are they’re going to drop out of the process.

(That's why we created the Martide app for seafarers!)

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It’s the place to be!

You know your shipping company is an awesome place to work. You’re confident you’re offering a great remuneration package to the right seafarers. You’re an all-round great prospect and mariners looking for vacant maritime jobs should be jumping at the chance to work for you.

So where are their emails and phone calls?

It couldn’t possibly be because you’re not showing your company in its best light, could it?

Let’s look at it this way: an eager young cadet is looking into careers at sea, has seen your job advert and is proactively doing some research to find out a little more about your organization.

They go off the idea of applying when they see that your website isn’t responsive on their mobile phone and your social media accounts haven’t been updated in months.

The moral of the story - present your best self online and TELL people how great you are.

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It’s all about teamwork

The likelihood is that you’re working with a maritime recruitment agency to help you fill your open seafarer job vacancies. As we touched upon earlier, you should make sure that the staffing firm you work with is someone who really understands the maritime industry and its needs and quirks.

If your current recruiter is simply taking your call, noting down what you’re looking for and posting your vacancy, sorry, but they’re only doing half the job you’re paying them for.

You need a recruitment agency who also sources candidates for you - who proactively goes out and find the right people for your seafarer jobs.

That means getting your maritime jobs out there, including on social media websites such as Facebook, where seafarers are often to be found spending their downtime either connecting with family or looking for their next contract.  

If you’d like to find out how Martide can help you find more suitable candidates and get your open maritime jobs filled more efficiently, let’s talk.

We’d love to tell you more about our crew management software and maritime recruitment services and we’re happy to show you a no-strings-attached demo if you’d like to see how we work!