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How to Write Receipt of Application Emails in Maritime Recruitment

How to Write Receipt of Application Emails in Maritime Recruitment

Eve Jones

If you’ve already read our article on why you should be using email templates to up your shipping company’s maritime recruitment game, maybe you've also read the second article in our series about writing effective candidate sourcing emails. This next post is going to delve a little deeper into crafting emails to send to the candidates who have made it onto your shortlist for your open maritime jobs.

How to write receipt of application emails in maritime recruitment

Good news - the adverts for jobs at sea that your shipping company has posted have attracted some applications and it’s time to create a shortlist of candidates. Whether those applicants have come via your cold outreach efforts, through referrals or from working with a maritime recruitment agency such as Martide you’ll need to send them a short email updating them on the status of their application.

It’s your choice whether you send rejected candidates an email or not, but bear in mind that being rejected from seafarer jobs you want is painful and breaking the news to the candidate as opposed to ignoring them, is a small kindness that will not have any negative impact on your shipping company. In fact it could have just the opposite effect.

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Writing a receipt of application email template for successful candidates

  1. Open by thanking the candidate for their interest in your maritime company, in jobs at sea, and for taking the time to apply for the role. Confirm that you have received their application.
  2. Your second paragraph should expressly state that you’re moving them onto the next stage of recruitment. Manage their expectations and tell them clearly what to expect next.
  3. Finish by letting your candidate know that you’re excited for their journey and that you’ll be supporting them on their way to finding the maritime jobs that are right for them. This costs you nothing and it will increase the chances of a positive candidate experience.
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Writing a receipt of application email template for unsuccessful candidates

  1. Thank the candidate for choosing to apply to your company and for the role in question.
  2. Keep it simple by breaking the bad news quickly and cleanly. Don’t feel that you need to make excuses and by all means tell them why their application wasn’t successful.
  3. If you feel the candidate may be suitable for another position or that you could work with them at some point in the future when recruiting for seafarer jobs, tell them so. This means you won’t burn bridges with a potentially great candidate who just didn’t happen to be right for the role they applied for. Careers at sea should be encouraged and it will demonstrate that you are an organization who cares about people - which won’t do your company image any harm!

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If you’d like a refresher on how to write email templates that will help you win more applicants, take a look at our guide to candidate sourcing emails for the shipping industry.

Meanwhile, once you’ve finished writing your seafaring candidate shortlist email templates it’s time to start writing the emails you want to send to recruits who you’d now like to screen with a phone or video / Skype call. For more about how to do that, take a look at our guide to phone interview invitation email templates for maritime recruitment here.

And don’t forget that if you have vacant maritime jobs that you're trying to fill, or you're looking for an interview management solution, you should speak to Martide. We help you fill your vacant jobs at sea with qualified seafarers quickly and easily!