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A Shipowner's Guide to Creating a Vessel

A Shipowner's Guide to Creating a Vessel

Eve Jones

As a shipowner or manager, your fleet is at the heart of everything you do. Martide have made it easy and intuitive to manage all of your vessels’ data by storing this all in one place. Our crew management and maritime recruitment platform also takes the hassle out of managing crew numbers and wage budgets. What’s not to love?!

For this blog post, we’re going to take a closer look at how to get the most out of everything our website’s Fleet Page has to offer.

How to create a vessel on

First of all, log in to and click on Fleet at the top of the page. Think of this as your at-a-glance dashboard where you can see all the vessels you have in your fleet. That page looks like this:

The Martide Fleet page on the website

On this page you can search for an existing vessel and show (display), edit or delete those vessels if needed. You can also add a new vessel to the system, which is what we’re going to be looking at in this post. Get started by clicking the blue Create Vessel button in the top right hand corner.

How to add a new vessel

Once you’ve clicked on the Create Vessel button, you’ll see this page:

Page on the Martide website showing how to add a new vessel

This is where you’ll enter your vessel’s details. On the left side of the page you can upload your logo, select the flag from the drop down box and enter the vessel’s name, and IMO and MMSI numbers.

If you scroll down and, still on the left hand side, you’ll be able to select the Wage Scale from the drop down box, enter the vessel’s specs, upload the vessel’s documents and choose your billing details.

On the right hand side of the page you can set your budget by using the up and down arrows or typing the amount directly into the box. screenshot showing how to add a budget for your crew

This is a real time and headache reducing feature and it’s where you can plan your crew. Enter how many of each crew you would like - change the number using the - and + keys besides each position.

The Martife website page where a shipowner can add their planned crew numbers

Then you need to enter the Minimum Safe Manning requirements under your flag state. Change the number using the - and + keys besides each position.

The Martide website page where a shipowner can add their minimum safe manning crew numbers

Click the blue Save button and you’re done - it’s as simple as that! You can also amend vessel information once it’s in the system. To do that, go back to the main Fleet page and click the Edit button at the side of a vessel to display its information.

You can then change any of the ship specs and crew settings, just like when you added a new vessel. The page will look something like this:

Page on Martide where a shipowner can edit their vesssl's specs and crew

And there you have it - a simple feature but, ultimately a very useful one!

We hope you found this blog post helpful but if you’d like to read about creating, editing and deleting vessels in our crew management platform in a little more detail, check out this handy guide here.

And of course, if you need any other help, please don’t hesitate to contact your Key Account Manager or email us at [email protected]