Brittany Ferries Announces Route Reopening

Brittany Ferries Announces Route Reopening

Brittany Ferries announced on Dec. 20 its reopening of Portsmouth to Le Havre service for passengers.

The company confirmed the route opening following its in “freight-only mode” due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As of Dec. 20, tickets for voyages starting March 1, 2023 have been on sale.

The passengers who have bought their tickets will travel on Brittany Ferries Cotentin with space for up to 114 passengers in well-appointed cabins.

According to Brittany Ferries, the Cotentin contains a self-service restaurant, bar, and small shop. Moreover, she can accommodate 30 dogs, provided that they are in a vehicle. For a car and two passengers, prices start from £109.

Brittany Ferries Director of Sales and Marketing Paul Acheson said the reopening of the route will “connect travelers with four destinations in Normandy and Brittany, as well as two in northern Spain.”

“This is great news for travelers and for the city of Portsmouth…Le Havre is a fantastic destination in itself. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for the towering St Joseph’s Church, famous gardens and a fantastic beach, which is one of its best kept secrets.”

He added, “But it is also a gateway to the Seine Maritime region and the many treasures this area holds, such as the famous arch of Etretat.”

In addition to this, the vessel will also carry passengers on the route from Le-Havre to Rosslare. Her schedule contains one round-trip to each destination and as follows:

Sunday and Thursday

Le Havre – Portsmouth : Departure 17:30 – Arrival 22:00

Portsmouth – Le Havre : Departure 23:30 – Arrival 08:30


Le Havre-Rosslare : Departure 19:00 – Arrival 14:30


Rosslare-Le Havre : Departure 17:45 – Arrival 15:00

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