Canada Strengthens Port System & Railway Safety with New Bill

Canada Strengthens Port System & Railway Safety with New Bill

Canada's Honourable Omar Alghabra, Minister of Transport, introduced the Strengthening the Port System and Railway Safety in Canada Act to modernize the country's ports and railway systems.

"We are at the phase of our National Supply Chain Strategy where we can start focusing on creating real and tangible change. Today's proposed legislative amendments are the result of years of hard work, including reviews and numerous consultations considering the various factors that affect supply chain issues and the lives of Canadians. The work to date will greatly contribute to a long-term strategy that will benefit Canadians and our economy for years to come," Algahbra said.

The Act aims to reform the operation of Canada's rail and maritime transportation services and update existing legislation. It will also:

  • Make a supply chain more flexible, secure, and robust;
  • Remove systemic impediments;
  • Enlarge the Canada Port Authorities' authority over traffic control;
  • Establish Canada's ports as strategic nodes that aid in the performance of the country's supply chain and successfully handle investment choices for long-term growth;
  • Increase the government's understanding of ports and how they operate; and
  • Modernize the rules governing dangerous goods transportation and rail security and safety.

These initiatives strengthen the supply chain as a whole, including the competitiveness of Canada's transportation network and dependable, dependable, safe, and secure operations. The suggested actions would facilitate the movement of necessities while implementing mechanisms to reduce the risks and effects of upcoming supply chain difficulties.

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The Act would make it possible for Canada's ports to more effectively adapt to an operating environment that is becoming more complicated on all fronts—economic, social, and environmental. This would also help the Canadian government fulfill its commitment to finish the Ports Modernization Review.

The proposed legislative changes aim to increase Canadian rail safety and security through an updated framework in response to the Railway Safety Act Review. The suggested changes are intended to increase efficiency and openness, fill in the gaps and new difficulties, and better enhance the security and safety of Canada's different dangerous commodities transportation methods.

The Railway Safety Act Review, the Ports Modernization Review, and Transport Canada's work on the transportation of dangerous products all contributed to the Act's creation, which is the result of years of work. These steps will support the National Supply Chain Task Force's recommendations, particularly those about the effective functioning of Canada's ports, and lay a solid basis for the country's transportation system.