A Manning Agent's Guide to Tracking Candidates

A Manning Agent's Guide to Tracking Candidates

Eve Jones

If you’re a manning agent, you don’t need us to tell you that a big part of your job in maritime recruitment is to track the status of your seafaring candidates.

The good news is, at Martide we’ve made that quick and simple for you! We know that you’ve any number of hopeful applicants to keep tabs on and that you need to support both the shipowner or manager, and the seafarer, in a timely fashion.

This blog post will tell you how to do that by tracking your candidates within Martide’s platform.

Manning agent guide to tracking candidates in Martide

Knowing where your candidates are in the maritime recruitment process (or pipeline, in Martide speak) is crucial. Luckily it’s also easy when you’re using our platform. Here’s how to do it:

Log into your Martide.com account and click on Recruitment in the header:

Page in Martide's maritime recruitment platform showing the manning agent Recruitment page

On this page you can see how many seafarers have applied for the position and how many have been hired for it in the 3rd and 4th columns.

There are a few different ways of checking for current applications. If you know the candidate’s name, simply enter it into the box at the top of the page and click the blue Search button. This will bring up the vessel, or vessels, that candidate has applied for seafarer jobs on.

If you want to see all of the candidates who have applied for a open maritime jobs on a vessel, click the Show box beside the ship’s name.

This will open up a page that shows the vessel, the name(s) of the candidates and the status of their application. Take a look at the image below for details:

page in Martide showing where manning agents can see their candidate's info

In the image above you can see the name of the vessel, the rank, the embarkation date and the salary range along the top. In the white bar below that you can change the settings so that you can see all of your candidates, or only the ones who have the relevant work experience as specified when the vacancy was created.

The stages of the maritime recruitment are on the left hand side: negotiation, document validation, medical check, interview, contract signed and finally, hired. In the vacancy above we can see there are two candidates, both at the initial negotiation stage.

If you want to delve a little deeper into each candidate’s information, work experience, and the detailed stages of the recruitment, simply click on their name.

Checking a candidate’s documents

If your candidate seems to have stalled at the negotiation stage, it is well worth checking the status of their documentation. To do this click on Documents in the header bar. (See the image below).

You will see a list of candidates, the document type, the document’s start and end dates, its validity status and either a red cross (expired), a yellow exclamation point (due to expire) or a green check mark/tick (valid).

This will enable you to then chase up prospective candidates to a) ensure they hold the correct and valid documents and b) make sure they are uploaded into the system.

Tip: we suggest checking documents regularly anyway as missing documents on the manning agency’s side might delay the recruitment procedure.

The Documents page view for manning agents logged in to Martide's maritime recruitment SaaS

We hope you’ve found this blog post guide to tracking the candidates who are applying for seafarer jobs with your manning agency useful. If you’d like to read a step by step version of this article in our user support guide, you can check that out here.

We also have other user guides for manning agents who want to know more about the Martide platform: why not take a look and learn more about using the messages function, joining our approved partner network or about how to submit a candidate - that way you can really make sure you’re getting the most out of our maritime recruitment platform for manning agents!