Damen to Deliver First Multibuster 8020

Damen to Deliver First Multibuster 8020

Dutch shipbuilder Damen and Van Stee Offshore signed a contract for the delivery of an 80-meter Multibuster 8020 ultra-shallow draught multi-purpose workboat at the Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference 2022.

The delivery is scheduled for next year. The Multibuster 8020 is said to be the “first of a new class” since it combines the key elements of Damen’s Multi-Cat and Shoalbuster workboat classes to build a “ large-scale platform capable of undertaking a wide variety of projects in waters as shallow as three meters.”

The Multibuster 8020 design also features an extensive deck space, ample accommodation, and the high stability that enables the fitting of larger cranes, in addition to the shallow draught.

Also, the DP2 dynamic positioning is standard and the propulsion system includes a retractable tunnel bow thruster that ensures the availability of the two tunnel thrusters at all times for enhanced maneuverability.

The vessel is expected to be in demand for nearshore operations in which it is built to “ground out on the beach for tasks such as cable landings and shore approaches.” The Multibuster is also said to be the “brainchild” of Damen CEO Arnout Damen who recognized that large workboats with strong capabilities would be “increasingly required in the years ahead.”

According to Damen, the basis of the design was developed in-house and the construction was underway at Albwardy Damen Sharjah in the UAE in 2020.

The Multibuster, to be named Zwerver V, is “undergoing some custom modifications including the addition of a four-point mooring system, the installation of a pedestal to take a large offshore crane and boat landing facilities for crew transfer vessels.”

The organization also informed that the navigation and communication systems are also being upgraded along with its HVAC systems to “equip it for high latitude as well as tropical conditions.”

Furthermore, Van Stee Offshore Director Arjan van Stee said the “new capabilities and opportunities” brought about by the new vessel will give support to their clients in the offshore energy sector.

“As a specialist in shallow draft operations the Multibuster will give us new capabilities and opportunities to support our clients in the offshore energy sector. Its low emissions profile will additionally be valued by our partners working on wind and other renewables. We’re very pleased to be renewing our relationship with Damen and look forward to a long and productive cooperation.”

In addition to this, Damen Sales Manager Benelux, Joost van der Weiden, emphasized that the Multibuster 8020 is the “right vessel at the right time” for Van Stee Offshore.

“It’s great to be working once again with Van Stee Offshore, a family-owned company known for its high-quality vessels and many prestigious customers. We believe that the Multibuster 8020 is the right vessel at the right time, delivering a suite of capabilities that are sure to be in demand in the years ahead. We all look forward to seeing it in operation and to further collaboration with Van Stee Offshore.”

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