Elcome to Offer Internet to Maritime Industry

Elcome to Offer Internet to Maritime Industry

Elon Musk's aerospace company SpaceX's Starlink satellite internet service has teamed up with Elcome International, a Dubai-based manufacturer of marine electronics, to provide internet services to the maritime industry.

Elcome International, a top supplier of maritime systems and integrated solutions, offers its international maritime and mobility clients Starlink internet services from SpaceX.

Starlink enables maritime customers to connect from the world's most remote waters just like they would at their home or place of business, including luxury boats, oil rigs, and cargo vessels.

Elcome has been offering its nautical clients communications solutions based on satellite and terrestrial technologies for more than fifty years.

One of the most important developments in maritime communications in decades is Starlink.

Starlink's high-speed, low-latency broadband Internet service for all types of maritime and offshore assets is a revolution in performance and cost. It is powered by the largest constellation of satellites in the world in low Earth orbit.

Elcome will provide its customers with cutting-edge technology-led solutions that take advantage of the special capabilities of Starlink, offering speeds up to 100 times quicker and at a fraction of the price of conventional satellite internet services.

“We are so excited to bring the benefits of Starlink to our customers,” said Jimmy Grewal, Elcome’s Executive Director.

“It’s not just about fast Internet, but the opportunity for us to implement real-time remote monitoring and autonomy solutions for these customers in ways that were not previously possible. Also consider the benefit to crew members who will now be able to better stay in touch with family and friends while out at sea,” Grewal stated.

Customers who use Starlink will also receive installation, integration, and field assistance from Elcome.

Two superyachts operated by Elcome already have multi-antenna Starlink arrays in place that can provide hundreds of megabytes of low-latency bandwidth while concurrently serving more than 100 crew members and guests.

Visit Elcome's website to place orders for delivery to a variety of nations if you're interested in learning more about Starlink mobility solutions.

Orders will be fulfilled from the company's logistical centers in Singapore, Dubai, and Spain, and there are many choices for installation and support.

Customers can manage their Starlink subscriptions through the company's extensive web portal, which also offers month-to-month pricing with no binding contracts and the opportunity to halt the service.

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