First Zero-Emissions Passenger Ferry in NYC to Launch Spring '24

First Zero-Emissions Passenger Ferry in NYC to Launch Spring '24

New York Cruise Lines collaborates with Swedish startup Green City Ferries AB (GCF) to bring the first high-speed zero-emissions electric ferry to New York Harbor. This exciting partnership, slated for launching in Spring 2024, is expected to usher in a new era of cleaner, more sustainable, and more efficient marine transportation in the Big Apple.

This partnership marks Green City’s first venture into the United States.

The vessel joins the fleet of the New York Water Taxi and will also sport the iconic yellow-and-black branding the city is famous for. Currently, the company has a fleet of diesel-powered ferries that can accommodate 64 to 149 passengers. New York Cruise Lines, which also manages New York's renowned Circle Line tourist boats, has owned New York Water Taxi since 2017.

Routes for the ferry cover the Hudson River, traveling between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Hans Thornell, chairman of Green City Ferries, said, "As a leader and innovator in the international marine industry, we are incredibly excited to bring our technology to New York City." Last year, the Swedish startup unveiled designs for its BELUGA24, a ferry based on established air-foil technology.

In addition to 147 passengers, the BELUGA24 offers room for 28 bicycles. The ferry is made of carbon fiber and has a Teknicraft design that uses foils for assistance. When traveling at speeds of about 30 knots, the foil positioned midships causes low wake wash by lifting the ship halfway out of the water.

The vessel also has a driveline from BAE Systems, power management from Echandia, batteries from Toshiba, and high-speed water jets from Hamilton. The ferry reportedly has the market's shortest turnaround time. The craft's attributes enable it to operate more affordably than equivalent diesel boats while maintaining maximum uptime.

NYC water taxi

Craig Kanarick, CEO of New York Cruise Lines, shares how its goal to provide a cleaner and greener ferry service to the people of New York was realized thanks to the right partnership.

He shares, "We can’t wait to thrill our passengers with this ultra-luxurious, zero-emission experience, and together change the public perception of how ferries can improve lives in our city and around the world.”

The ferry has a battery mechanism that charges quickly, and also boasts of ultra-quiet, high-speed, low-vibration performance. Thanks to these distinctive features, both companies confidently promise to deliver a new level of comfort, efficiency, and experience for its passengers.

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