Gard Launches Seafarers Medical App

Gard Launches Seafarers Medical App

Marine insurance provider Gard and the Norwegian Centre for Maritime and Diving Medicine have released a cutting-edge worldwide digital medical handbook to enhance medical care onboard and save the lives of seafarers.

Created explicitly for mariners, The Mariners Medico Guide is a unique app. The treatment of the crew on board is outlined step-by-step.

It may be utilized in distant areas of a ship and without a signal in the middle of the ocean. It is fully downloadable. To all sailors, it is provided without charge.

Investments should be made to guarantee seafarers feel safe and receive the finest care while at sea because they perform an excellent job. Creating a free digital medical manual to enhance medical care onboard and save a seafarer's life is a significant advancement for healthcare at sea.

Medical personnel typically employ symptom-led inquiry to acquire information to diagnose and treat illnesses and injuries properly. With this in mind, the app is designed to act as a navigational tool while guiding users through their symptoms.

It was created and written by Radio Medico physicians who specialize in maritime medicine. The advice and guidance the app provides are presented in straightforward language and stages for individuals without much medical background.

By advising the user when to contact telemedical help services, the app also intends to reduce the bar for requesting medical aid from doctors on land.

Several thousand people downloaded the app during its launch week, while the Mariners Medico Guide received over 10,000 visitors.

Over 90% of those polled stated they were satisfied, reflecting the app's extraordinarily positive user response.

Protecting the health and welfare of sailors is more crucial than ever.

Seafarers were under tremendous stress and anxiety at the height of the pandemic, which resulted in some troubling occurrences for Gard crew claimants.

2020 saw a 34% increase in the incidence of mental disorders, along with a rise in the number of fatalities and suicides. The number of Gard claims involving crew illness and death surged roughly 75% between 2018 and 2021.

The Mariners Medico Guide's expanded coverage of mental health signs and recommendations is crucial. After all, it is vital to look after both the physical and mental aspects of wellness.

Download the app via desktop, the App Store, or Google Play.

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