GoodFuels Delivers Sustainable Biofuel to AIDA Cruises Vessel

GoodFuels Delivers Sustainable Biofuel to AIDA Cruises Vessel

GoodFuels announced another successful delivery of sustainable biofuel on Dec. 8 to the cruise company AIDA Cruises.

The company supplied the AIDAprima, AIDA’s Hyperion-class cruise ship, with 140mt of 100% biofuel during the latter’s port call to Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The bunkering of biofuel is said to “further fortify” the company’s decarbonization partnership with Carnival Corporation’s AIDA Cruises brand.

Moreover, the delivery of the biofuel marked an important step toward achieving sustainability and decarbonization in the cruise industry.

The company is proud of the 100% biofuel product supplied to the vessel. GoodFuels said that the product, without blending with conventional marine fuels, proves the “viability and technical applicability of sustainable marine biofuel for all types of vessels.”

Furthermore, the biofuel was derived from feedstocks that are certified as “100% waste or residue, including processed used cooking oil and animal waste fats.” The organization stated that it enables a “well-to-exhaust CO2 reduction of 80 to 90% when compared to fossil fuels.”

With its “drop in” properties, the AIDAprima was bunkered with biofuel without needing any modifications to the engine or tanks.

According to GoodFuels CEO Dirk Kronemeijer, the partnership between the two companies is “another big step forward on the cruise sector’s decarbonization pathway.”

“It builds on the collaboration and partnership we are enjoying with AIDA Cruises and the wider Carnival group, and once again proves that our sustainable biofuels are an immediate available sustainability solution for a range of segments in the global fleet,” he said.

He added that “the team at GoodFuels is focused on delivering immediate impact, and we are pleased to be able to continue to work with the pioneers at AIDA Cruises to see 100% biofuel used in operations to help deliver more sustainable voyages.”

GoodFuels emphasized that sustainable biofuels are an “effective solution” for decarbonizing global shipping since they can be placed into existing marine vessels with no need for any modifications to the engine or fuel infrastructure.

“This means shipowners can already start reducing their CO2 emissions today, without having to invest heavily in new vessels or in retrofitting their current fleet,” the company noted.

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