How to Set a Candidate to Ex-Crew in Martide

How to Set a Candidate to Ex-Crew in Martide

Eve Jones

If you’re a shipowner, ship manager or manning agent we thought you might like to know about a new feature that our Development Team released recently. This handy little hack in Martide’s platform allows you to set a candidate as an ex-crew member.

This allows the system to automatically skip any of the stages in the Pipeline Settings, making it easier and quicker for trusted candidates to apply for your seafarer jobs and allowing you to fill empty jobs at sea faster and more efficiently.

The candidates you’ve employed before in one of your previous seafarer jobs will be able to bypass everything from the English Test to Document Validation to the Negotiation stage right through to the Interview.

How to set a candidate to ex-crew

Log in to your Martide account and find the profile of the candidate whom you wish to set to ex-crew. Click on the little blue pen in the corner of the box that contains their name and profile picture:

Martide maritime recruitment website showing seafarer's profile picture and name

This opens up the candidate’s personal information section. Scroll down the page until you see the box that says Ex-crew:

Page from Martide website where you can set a candidate to ex-crew

In the Ex-crew box, slide the button across so that it shows green, and then click save. This means the function is enabled and the system will process the candidate as an ex-crew member.

Please note that once a candidate has been hired for a position, the ex-crew function cannot be disabled afterwards. You can see the change in their profile box below:

Martide website showing candidate's profile and name and showing them as ex-crew

And that’s it. Now the seafaring candidates you love working with will find it even more convenient to apply for your vacant seafarer jobs and you’ll be able to get those empty jobs at sea filled faster, and hopefully in good time for your change-over date!

And while we’re on the subject of Martide’s useful functions, did you know that we also allow you - the shipowners, ship managers  and manning agents - to let us know what would make your life easier when you’re using our crew management and maritime recruitment platform.  

Our Suggest a Feature function can be found under your profile picture when you’re logged in to your Martide account here:

Martide's Suggest a Feature on the maritime recruitment website

Click this and you’ll be able to instantly email us with any brainwaves you have that you think will make your (and other users’) lives easier. If we like your idea and can see it making Martide an even better place to find and manage crew, we’ll ask our Developers to start working on it.

No need to thank us - it’s all part of the service!

Meanwhile, we hope you find the ex-crew feature useful but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.