HYON Signs LOI for Zero-Emission Cruise Ship

HYON Signs LOI for Zero-Emission Cruise Ship

HYON announced it has a letter of intent (LOI) in place with Northern Xplorer for the use of its hydrogen fueling system.

Founded in 2017, the Norwegian company’s goal is to be the top supplier of hydrogen bunkering systems with a mission to quicken the energy transition in the maritime industry.

Northern Xplorer is another Norwegian company aiming to provide its customers with zero-emission cruise travel. A first-class, environmentally friendly trip on the Northern Xplorer will take passengers to some of Northern Europe’s lesser-known but just as beautiful destinations.

Supposing Northern Xplorer makes a final investment decision (FID) and places an order with a shipyard for the vessel. In that case, their collaboration will allow HYON to integrate its hydrogen fueling system into the zero-emission and energy-self-sufficient cruise vessel MM140, built by Multi Maritime.

Additionally, the businesses will work together to create a Northern Xplorer fueling technique that is both secure and economical.

According to HYON, the LOI was signed on January 18, 2023, and will be in effect until an order is placed or terminated.

“This is an important step towards the implementation of hydrogen fueling technology in an industry that needs to find emission-free fueling solutions. Northern Xplorer is pioneering zero-emissions cruising, and we are excited about the opportunity to contribute to the realization of their ambition”, said Jørn Lindtvedt, CEO of HYON.

“The collaboration with Northern Xplorer will allow us to gain valuable insights into the specific needs of the cruise ship industry’s entry into zero-emission fueling while also further developing our hydrogen fueling technology,” added Lindtvedt.

In late 2021, Northern Xplorer unveiled what it claimed to be the world’s first hydrogen-powered zero-emission cruise ship concept.

At the time, the corporation had a plan for 14 ships, each powered entirely by sustainable technology such as battery energy storage, hydrogen fuel cells, and supplemental renewable energy sources (wind and solar power).

Northern Xplorer signed a letter of intent (LOI) with the Portuguese shipyard West Sea in 2022 to have their first ship, which will be emissions-free, built. It’s anticipated that the boat will arrive at the start of the 2025–2026 cruise season.

The classification society DNV was chosen to classify the vessel.

It will be enlisted during construction and commissioning to ensure its design and structures comply with flag and mandatory international requirements. This will serve as the basis for obtaining and maintaining all necessary certificates for safe operations.

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