Fincantieri Ink Contract on New Hydro-Oceanographic Ship

Fincantieri Ink Contract on New Hydro-Oceanographic Ship

Shipbuilding company Fincantieri signed a contract with the Italian Secretariat General of Defence and the National Armaments Directorate – Naval Armaments Directorate (NAVARM) for a new Hydro-Oceanographic Ship (NIOM).

Fincantieri on Dec. 22 announced the signing of the contract, as part of an EU tender for the country’s Defence and Security sector, for the construction of a new Hydro-Oceanographic Ship for the Italian Navy Hydrographic Institute.

It is expected to be delivered in 2026 at the integrated shipyard in Riva Trigoso-Muggiano.

The contract is valued at an estimate of 280 million euros. It also includes integrated logistics support and temporary support services for six years with a choice of a four-year extension.

The vessel is said to be designed with the “utmost attention to green aspects.” Fincantieri said that among its main features are “technologies to contain emissions, a diesel-electric propulsion system to optimize fuel consumption, hull shapes to reduce drag and the use of environment-friendly materials.”

“In the area of sustainability, the production process also participates in the company’s ongoing commitment to environmental management systems,” the company noted.

The key driver of the ship will be the focus on health and safety as mentioned by Fincantieri. It is aimed at ensuring the well-being of all personnel who will operate the vessel. The company adopted a "proactive approach" in identifying the most appropriate technical solutions.

According to the organization, the signing of the contract marks the beginning of the “renewal of the naval units of the Italian Navy’s hydrographic service.” It explained that the program is a part of an innovative European project with the Italian Ministry of Defence.

Fincantieri elaborated that it is within the “scope of which a funding agreement between the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) has been reached.”

Fincantieri CEO Pierroberto Folgiero expressed pride in the company’s technological leadership.

“We are proud that Fincantieri’s technological leadership is once again establishing itself also in the scientific field, which requires specialized skills.”

He added, “In fact, the vessel must be able to operate with the highest performance in all marine weather conditions.

This will require the integration of many complex systems, a distinctive capability of a group like ours, which not only builds state-of-the-art platforms such as naval ships but can also rely on the synergy between the naval world and the offshore world in the development of advanced control systems like dynamic positioning.”