KR Launches New PSC Mobile App

KR Launches New PSC Mobile App

The Korean Register launched a mobile application to assist customers in Port State Control inspections.

The Korean Register (KR) announced on Jan. 4 the launching of its new mobile application called KR PSC Adviser, made to help customers prepare for the Port State Control (PSC) inspections.

The organization noted that the new mobile app is designed to “reduce the risk of PSC detentions by providing the latest PSC information in real-time” as well as “allowing seafarers to easily keep abreast of PSC checklists with a single app.”

The KR PSC Adviser is said to utilize the user convenience by showing the world map as the main screen which then allows the users to check the major PSC deficiencies in each region, port by port.

In addition to this, users can also search for the deficiencies with the use of a keyword through its Word Search function.

KR further explained that by informing the users of the three most frequent deficiencies at each port, they will be able to easily prevent being detained by the PSC.

With the launch of the new app, the organization expects its PSC services to be “more accessible” to its customers.

KR Survey Division Executive Vice President Yoon Boogeun said they have been “focusing on advancing their services” to provide more convenience to their customers.

“As a digital classification society, we have been focusing on advancing our services by establishing an Integrated Survey Center (ISC) and implementing electronic certificate issuance services.”

Yoon Boogeun added, “The newly launched app was developed to enhance customer convenience and accessibility, and we will continue to do our best to further enhance KR's services.”

In relation to this, the PSC inspection is a regulatory procedure that “ensures foreign ships and their equipment entering national ports comply with international conventions.”

The inspection is also made in the aims of preventing maritime accidents and protecting the marine environment.

According to KR, there are over 150 nations in the world that are “systematically implementing the procedure, so shipowners and operators entering foreign ports need to be well-prepared for inspection.”

Meanwhile, the KR PSC Adviser can be downloaded from Google Play for Android and the App Store for Apple.

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