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Manning Agent's Guide on How to Start Using Martide

Manning Agent's Guide on How to Start Using Martide

Eve Jones

At Martide our goal is to make sure that our maritime recruitment solution is user-friendly, functional, and makes life easier for everyone - including seafarers, employers, and manning agents in the maritime industry.

We know that as a manning agent you have a lot of plates to spin to make sure you have the right balance between helping seafarers find jobs at sea and ensuring that shipowners and managers fill their open maritime jobs quickly and efficiently.

How to log in and get started on Martide as a manning agent

For this post we thought we’d give all of you hardworking manning agents in the maritime industry the lowdown on logging in to, and getting started with, your Martide account.

As a manning agent you are not able to create an account directly with Martide’s platform. But to enable you to get started you should have already received your login details from the Martide Sales Team. If for any reason you haven’t please contact [email protected] and let us know!

For the sake of this blog post, we’re going to assume that you have login information and that we can get going. So, first of all, log in to

Your manning agent user profile

Once you’ve logged in, it’s a good idea to check whether your profile information is correct. To do so, click on the small square image in the top right corner and select Profile.

You’ll be taken to your Profile page where you can check that your name, email address and time zone are all to your liking. We recommend that you set a new password for your account - one that only you know.

It’s also helpful for anyone who comes into contact with you if you upload a profile picture. Your profile page looks like this:

Page on Martide maritime recruitment platform showing a manning agent's profile

Your company details and description

Next you’ll need to enter details about the company you work for. To do that, click on Settings (also in the drop down menu underneath the image in the top right hand corner.) You’ll see some icons and headings - click on Company Profile:

Page on Martide's website showing a manning agent where to find the Company Profile feature under Settings

Now you can add your company's details including:  

  1. The company’s name and URL (website address).
  2. A description of your company.
  3. The address (click on the blue plus sign to add an address - you can add as many as you like.)
  4. Info about, and copies of, company documentation. These are easy to upload from your PC or device and you can add as many attachments for each document entry as you like.
  5. The company’s phone number - again you can add as many as needed.
  6. The company's billing/bank details - as many entries as required.
  7. Company shipping information including contact and address.

We recommend that you also upload your company’s logo at the top of the page.

Page on showing manning agents where to add their company information

Additional user accounts

Chances are you’ll need to share some of the workload with your employees or teammates. We’ve made that simple for you to do by allowing you to create additional logins for your coworkers. To do this go back to Settings in the drop down menu under the icon (where your profile picture is now!) and select Teammates.

You’ll be taken to a page that looks like the image below. To create more accounts and make sure you’re not the only one doing all the work, click Add. You can now enter your co-worker's name, email address and permissions and send them an invite to join you on the platform.

Martide website page showing manning agents where to find and add teammates

We hope you’ve found this blog post guide to logging in and getting set up as a manning agent on the Martide platform useful. Did you know that you can find a version of this article in our user support guide? You can find that here.

We also have other user guides for manning agents who want to know more about using the Martide platform: take a look and find out more about existing and approved networks, navigating your shipment page so you can track the contracts you've sent, or how to submit a candidate to a job vacancy.

We want you to get the most out of our maritime recruitment platform for manning agents and we think you’ll find our support guide really useful!