Port of Oakland Reports Decrease in Container Volume

Port of Oakland Reports Decrease in Container Volume

The Port of Oakland reported on Dec. 28 a decrease in container volume for November resulting in easing port congestion.

In a report, the Port of Oakland said that both full imports and full exports have decreased compared to the numbers in November of last year as well as the volumes in October 2022.

According to the port authorities, the total loaded container volume declined 15% compared to November 2021, recording 131,929 loaded TEUs in contrast to November 2021’s report of 155,252 TEUs.

In addition to this, the report said that full imports have decreased 17.4% over the volume in November 2021.

The Port of Oakland reported that in November 2022, it handled 68,646 TEUs in contrast to the 83,097 TEUs in November 2021, while in October 2022, 79,459 TEUs were carried through the port.

Furthermore, the port noted that full exports declined by 12.3%, recording 63,283 TEUs in November 2022, compared to the 72,155 TEUs in November 2021, and 66,408 in October 2022.

According to Port of Oakland Maritime Director Bryan Brandes, the decline is “not unexpected.”

“Despite October gains, long-term indicators continue to predict a decline in demand for goods. The good news is that the reduction of incoming containers has allowed us to begin alleviating congestion at port facilities, increasing efficiencies in port operations.”

As a result of the decline in volume, the waiting time for berths is less than earlier this year, giving ships less time at the port. The port added that the terminal yards are also “beginning to shed extra containers from their yards.”

Meanwhile, the empty container exports rose 75.6% in comparison with November 2021.

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