Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas Calls Port Canaveral Home

Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas Calls Port Canaveral Home

The largest ship in the world has a home!

On December 9, Friday, the Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas officially named Port Canaveral its year-round home. A blessing and naming ceremony marked the momentous occasion.

The Florida-based port is reportedly breaking revenue records post-pandemic. This peak in revenue is all thanks to the booming cruise industry.

According to Strategic Account Manager Joanne Cotterman, all passengers are now welcome, a significant improvement from when cruising resumed a year ago during the pandemic.

According to Cotterman, whether a visitor has received a vaccination or not, we will still accept them. “And we’ve actually just eliminated the testing requirements as well for all guests, no matter what their vaccine status is.”

Cotterman claimed that Royal Caribbean is increasing ticket sales by removing COVID-19 regulations.

The Wonder of the Seas, Royal Caribbean’s flagship and newest home-ported ship, has 18 decks, can hold 7,000 passengers, and is 16 stories tall.

The cruise company is counting on the appeal of the sheer quantity of alternatives for food, drink, activities, and entertainment. Essentially a “more is more” mentality.

According to the Wonder of the Seas Cruise Director Mike Szwajkowski, the whole experience is expected to be an elevated version of their Oasis-class cruise ship, Harmony of the Seas.

“The guests who sail out of Port Canaveral are very, very familiar with Harmony because it’s been here. But what they are going to experience on Wonder is plus, plus, plus,” Szwajkowski said.

There are more than 40 dining and drinking establishments, as well as areas just for families, one for teenagers, and areas for adults. The ship also boasts an open-air section in its interior.

Dubbed Central Park, the section is lined with high-end restaurants to give off that feeling of sophistication and luxury onshore.

A restaurant featuring southern food and country music will be a first for Royal Caribbean.

Travel agents and passengers alike couldn’t hide their excitement for the newest Port Canaveral resident.

For Maryland-based travel agent Jule Eubanks, the promised activities are more than enough to keep her clients entertained. She is sailing on a two-day cruise to get firsthand experience aboard the Wonder.

“I’m using the fact that it’s a new ship and that it’s huge, huge, the biggest so far. And that it has all the extras already onboard,” Eubanks said.

A Wonder of the Seas passenger gave his perspective on how the cruise industry has handled the pandemic as he boarded the ship on Sunday.

Gary Emard said, “I think the industry’s doing a lot to keep everyone safe and secure.”

The Wonder Of The Seas is set to arrive back in Port Canaveral on Sunday morning and leave on another journey on Sunday afternoon after spending seven nights in the Caribbean.