Space Perspective to Launch Balloon-Borne Tourist Flights

Space Perspective to Launch Balloon-Borne Tourist Flights

The first floating spaceport in the world, MS Voyager, was launched by Florida-based Space Perspective as a part of a fleet it intends to launch globally.

The Space Perspective reported on its decision to launch a vessel fleet. The company claimed that marine spaceports are known to create ideal launch conditions by moving with the sea breeze so that there is no wind across the deck and by navigating to areas with good weather.

The acquired vessel is 292 feet long. The biofuel-powered balloon-like vessel will be based in Florida. Still, it can move to other locations with favorable weather, enabling the business to offer year-round launches for anybody wishing to take a trip into space.

The ship will be made specifically for Spaceship Neptune capsule launches and recoveries run by Space Perspective, whose seats cost about $125,000 each.

According to reports, the business has created a gigantic balloon called Spaceship Neptune that is the size of a football stadium.

Spaceship Neptune is set to take guests on a six-hour "radically gentle voyage" to the edge of the atmosphere and back.

A splash cone at the base of the capsule Spaceship Neptune will facilitate water landings. Small boats will be used to stabilize the capsule when it is recovered from the ocean. Additionally, it will be lifted onto the MS Voyager using an A-frame.

"Removing geographic borders for launch and landing accelerates our mission of making this transformative experience more accessible to the world and international marketplace—safely, reliably and with minimal impact on our planet," Space Perspective founder and co-CEO Jayne Poynter said in a statement.


At a shipyard in Louisiana, MS Voyager is now getting ready for the voyage. It should be finished by the end of the year, and test trips will start by next year.

It bears the name Voyager in honor of the Voyager 1 space probe mission, which on February 14, 1990, at astronomer Carl Sagan's request, snapped a picture of Earth from outside the solar system.

The Pale Blue Dot photograph prompted Carl Sagan to urge people to "preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known"—a sentiment that Space Perspective claims they echo to this day.

A $1,000 down payment will reserve a seat on aircraft scheduled to depart in 2024. Additionally, passengers can book a full capsule to bring up to eight buddies with them.

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