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Read Martide's blog posts for tips and information for shipowners, crew managers and maritime recruitment agencies on the benefits of using an Applicant Tracking System.

Candidate Engagement

Martide's posts for maritime recruitment agencies, manning agents, crew managers & shipowners who want to boost candidate engagement when hiring for seafarer jobs.


News about updates, upgrades & bug fixes the Martide developers have worked on to make our maritime recruitment & crew planning platform even better.

Crew Retention

Employee retention strategies including stability of personnel & how to boost crew retention rates. Read our blog for tips on how to stop your crew jumping ship!

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Martide blog posts about all things maritime industry related including news from our clients, maritime tech, maritime news and more. Don't miss it.

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If you're a manning agent, these Martide blog posts are for you. They include tips & guides for using our platform to fill your vacant seafarer jobs.

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Posts about how we help your shipping company streamline your maritime recruitment drive & make crew management easier than ever.

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Martide's guides for shipowners, crew managers and manning agents who want to know more about using our maritime recruitment & crew management platform.

Recruitment Agencies

How can maritime recruitment agencies help small to mid sized shipowners & crew managers fill seafarer job vacancies and manage crew more efficiently?

Recruitment Strategies

Click here to read Martide's blog for actionable recruitment strategies for shipowners, crew managers and manning agents working in the maritime industry.

Recruitment Tips

Must read Martide blog posts on maritime recruitment including tips, tricks, retention strategies and more for busy small to mid-size shipping companies.


Posts about how as a small to mid sized shipping company you can keep your crew onboard happy so they'll want to come back to you every new contract

Social Media

Martide blog posts with a focus on how social media can be used by shipowners, crew managers & manning agents to boost their maritime recruitment efforts.

Talent Acquisition

Read Martide's blog if you're a small to mid-sized shipping company, crew manager, manning agent or maritime recruitment agency and you want to know more about talent acquisition.


Get the lowdown from Martide's blog about future technologies, maritime technology, marine tech & other fast-paced topics affecting the shipping industry.