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What Your Shipping or Manning Company Needs to Know About Branding

Whether you’re a small to medium sized shipowner or ship manager, or a manning agency, there’s one thing you need to know about your business when it comes to attracting more qualified seafarers for your job vacancies. What are we talking about? We’re talking about your company’s brand.

Why Great Communication is Essential for Crew Retention

If you’re struggling to retain seafarers at the end of contracts there’s an issue with your crew retention strategy. Being unable to keep the best seamen and seeing them walk away to line up their next contract with your competitors is frustrating and costly. So how do you stop crew jumping ship?

5 Reasons You're Struggling to Fill Your Seafarer Jobs

Are you posting adverts for maritime jobs but not attracting the number of applicants you expected? A shortage of candidates is a headache for shipowners and manning agents. You know seafarers are out there but why aren’t they biting your arm off for a chance to work for your company?!

What Younger Seafarers Expect from Your Maritime Recruitment Process

Are Generation Z young upstarts who haven’t earned their stripes? Maybe but employers have found new candidates are making greater demands than ever. And in a job market suffering from a skills shortage it’s vital your shipping company addresses this to attract top talent in the maritime industry.

What is an Applicant Tracking System in Maritime Recruitment?

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) aren’t exactly breaking news, but in the world of maritime recruitment they can be an absolute lifesaver when it comes to sourcing candidates, keeping track of applications, and knowing exactly which stage of the recruitment process a seafarer is at any given time.

4 Benefits Applicants Actually Want (Tip: It’s Not Always Money)

There will be a predicted shortage of 89,510 officers by 2026. To prevent this, employers will need to attract and retain as many potential seafarers as possible. We take a look at a few benefits you can offer to appeal to new recruits to offset any potential shortages.

4 Crew Retention Strategies to Stop Seafarers Jumping Ship

It's time to talk about your crew retention strategies: the shortage of talent in the shipping industry is at an all time low. Seafarers are increasingly hard to find and crew retention is becoming a thorn in shipping companies’ side. So what can shipowners do to stop crew from quitting?

Building a Strong Online Maritime Recruitment Strategy

Businesses are constantly building their strategies to adapt to an ever-changing world. This is now even more vital with the changes brought about by the pandemic. One business strategy that’s rapidly transforming is talent acquisition as recruiters struggle to adjust to a remote hiring process.

How to Write Engaging Candidate Sourcing Emails in Maritime Recruitment

Sourcing candidates for your vacant jobs at sea by email can be broken down into cold candidate outreach and referred outreach. This step-by-step guide looks at how to write maritime recruitment email templates for both methods to make your life less stressful and your time to hire shorter!

Why You Shouldn't Cheat on your Maritime Recruitment Agency

You may think that coming from a company who helps shipowners streamline maritime recruitment operations the title of this post is a biased. And you might be right! But stick with us as we explain why only working with one recruitment agency in the maritime industry makes more sense than you think.

Maritime Recruitment Headaches? Let Martide Help!

What are some of the steps that shipping companies can take to promote seafaring as a career and fill their vacant maritime jobs? The need to attract and retain seafarers is a huge issue and one we all need to step up to if shipowners can beat their marine recruitment headaches.

How to Develop an Effective Maritime Recruitment Process

As a small to medium-sized shipowner or manager, you know maritime recruitment can be stressful. But the good news is, there’s a way you can minimize the stress (and expense) of constantly trying to find new seafarers. You just need to develop an effective maritime recruitment process. Here’s how.

5 Ways to Accelerate Your Time to Hire in Maritime Recruitment

In maritime recruitment your time to hire is vital. You’ve crew change over dates to meet and it’s crucial you make the deadlines. But if you’re facing an uphill battle when it comes to filling your seafarer job vacancies in a timely fashion, it’s time to take a look at what may be slowing you down.

Put Yourself In Your Candidates' Shoes & Improve Maritime Recruitment

Checking in with your maritime recruitment process is a good way to ensure you’re doing all you can to attract and engage with top seafaring talent and fill your jobs at sea as quickly as possible. And one way of doing that is to look at your recruitment process from your candidates’ point of view.

Is Your Maritime Recruitment Process Losing You Candidates?

Do you feel like you should be getting more candidates applying for your seafarer jobs? You know your company is great to work for but applicants are either not coming through the door or are dropping out of the process halfway through. Could there be an issue with your maritime recruitment process?

How Transparency Can Improve Your Crew Retention Rates

In this blog post we’re going to examine another way you can create better and more honest engagement with the seamen and women who apply for your maritime job vacancies, and therefore increase the chances of them remaining loyal to your shipping company. It’s time to talk about transparency.

3 Ways to Simplify Your HR & Maritime Recruitment Processes

In maritime recruitment you’re not only hiring people for your shore based maritime jobs but also seafarers on contracts. It’s not surprising it can feel like your HR department is chasing its own tail half the time! We take a look at how you can simplify your maritime recruitment efforts.

Grow Your Candidate Database with Manning Agents & Crewing Systems

Would your shipping company benefit from a crewing system that helps you streamline your hiring processes and manage seafarers more efficiently? Perhaps you’d find value in working with a maritime recruitment platform that gives you access to international manning agents? Let Martide show you how.

The Unexpected Way You Can Grow Your Candidate Database

Growing your candidate database can be hard and though there may be plenty of seamen who are looking for jobs at sea, not all of them might make the grade. Of course you want licensed and qualified crew onboard your vessels, but are you being too picky when it comes to hiring for your seafarer jobs?

How Up-to-Date is the Maritime Recruitment Agency You Use?

In shipping, not everyone is onboard when it comes to abandoning old practices and embracing new. Do your maritime recruitment agencies fall into that category? If you suspect the companies you use to fill your maritime jobs could be more efficient it’s time to take a look at who you partner with.

4 Tips To Help You Interview Millennials in Maritime Recruitment

When you’re looking for candidates to fill your seafarer jobs, you meet seamen ranging from cadets to experienced masters and chief officers. And somewhere in the middle of those age groups lie millennials. And you may find you need to adjust your traditional interview process to deal with them.

Is Your Maritime Recruitment Agency Finding You the Best Seafarers?

Finding the right crew to fill your seafarer jobs is hard if the maritime recruitment agencies you work with aren’t doing their jobs properly. You need to be sure the seamen they pick from their candidate database are right. So let’s look at how to choose a partner to help you fill your vacancies.

How to Boost Crew Retention with Tolerance & Diversity

It’s no secret many shipping companies struggle with employee and crew retention. Indeed, it’s no secret many companies, in any industry, have problems recruiting and retaining staff. So what can be done to tackle this? After all, losing crew to your competitors is not only annoying, but costly too.

How Crewing Software Can Drive Your Company Forward

Are you considering maritime recruitment and crewing software for your shipping company? Want all the benefits that come with integrated Applicant Tracking Systems? From job ads to ways to upload and sign seafarer contracts, wouldn’t it be great to have one centralized system taking care of it all?

4 Maritime Recruitment Challenges (And How to Solve Them)

Wondering why recruiting the right seafarers for your maritime jobs is such hard work? All you want is to fill your empty seafarer jobs positions with suitable candidates but it seems to be increasingly difficult to hire top talent. How can shipping companies eliminate staffing headaches for good?

How to Write Job Offer Emails in Maritime Recruitment

Of all recruitment emails a job offer is the one that you need to send as quickly as possible. It’s no secret that shipping companies and maritime recruitment agencies are suffering from a lack of candidates. That’s why if you’ve interviewed top talent let them know before they accept another offer!

Changes in Maritime Recruitment: How Can You Fill your Jobs at Sea?

We’re facing a skills shortage. But there’s still a huge need for seafarers so for shipping companies or marine recruitment agencies to give up isn’t an option. What needs to change for shipowners to ensure they get first pick when looking for qualified seafarers who are looking for jobs at sea?

How to Encourage More Women to Apply for Maritime Jobs

That there is a lack of women in maritime jobs will come as a shock to absolutely no-one. The reasons why have been discussed at length so how does the industry encourage females and increase the number of women at sea? After all, this rewarding career and a life at sea should be open to all!

How to Attract the Next Generation in Maritime Recruitment

Are you doing everything you can to attract a new generation of seafarers? Thought you could just place a job ad and wait for applications to roll in? Marine recruitment can be tough! But Martide is here to help - so let’s take a look at what today's seafarers expect from the recruitment process.