Crew Retention

Employee retention strategies including stability of personnel & how to boost crew retention rates. Read our blog for tips on how to stop your crew jumping ship!

Why Great Communication is Essential for Crew Retention

If you’re struggling to retain seafarers at the end of contracts there’s an issue with your crew retention strategy. Being unable to keep the best seamen and seeing them walk away to line up their next contract with your competitors is frustrating and costly. So how do you stop crew jumping ship?

4 Benefits Applicants Actually Want (Tip: It’s Not Always Money)

There will be a predicted shortage of 89,510 officers by 2026. To prevent this, employers will need to attract and retain as many potential seafarers as possible. We take a look at a few benefits you can offer to appeal to new recruits to offset any potential shortages.

4 Crew Retention Strategies to Stop Seafarers Jumping Ship

It's time to talk about your crew retention strategies: the shortage of talent in the shipping industry is at an all time low. Seafarers are increasingly hard to find and crew retention is becoming a thorn in shipping companies’ side. So what can shipowners do to stop crew from quitting?

How Transparency Can Improve Your Crew Retention Rates

In this blog post we’re going to examine another way you can create better and more honest engagement with the seamen and women who apply for your maritime job vacancies, and therefore increase the chances of them remaining loyal to your shipping company. It’s time to talk about transparency.

3 Ways to Simplify Your HR & Maritime Recruitment Processes

In maritime recruitment you’re not only hiring people for your shore based maritime jobs but also seafarers on contracts. It’s not surprising it can feel like your HR department is chasing its own tail half the time! We take a look at how you can simplify your maritime recruitment efforts.

How to Boost Crew Retention with Tolerance & Diversity

It’s no secret many shipping companies struggle with employee and crew retention. Indeed, it’s no secret many companies, in any industry, have problems recruiting and retaining staff. So what can be done to tackle this? After all, losing crew to your competitors is not only annoying, but costly too.