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10 Seaman Quotes About Compasses

Are you looking for some meaningful seafarer quotes about life at sea and nautical equipment and instruments such as anchors and compasses? If so, you’ve come to the right blog post. Here we’ve gathered for you a collection of ten quotes about compasses that we think are inspiring and interesting.

Why Your Shipping Company or Manning Agency Needs to be Adaptable

The dictionary defines adaptability as “...being able to adjust to new conditions.” And it’s a crucial trait for the maritime industry to possess: future technologies have infiltrated every facet of our traditional sector and companies who bury their heads in the sand need to shape up or ship out.

Why You Need to Start Hiring Seafarers with Tech Skills

If you think about it from a traditional point of view, it might seem a little strange needing a seafarer who lists coding, programming or other techie skills on his or her maritime resume. But times are changing and like many sectors, the maritime industry is now starting to embrace digitization.