Recruitment Agencies

How can maritime recruitment agencies help small to mid sized shipowners & crew managers fill seafarer job vacancies and manage crew more efficiently?

5 Reasons You're Struggling to Fill Your Seafarer Jobs

Are you posting adverts for maritime jobs but not attracting the number of applicants you expected? A shortage of candidates is a headache for shipowners and manning agents. You know seafarers are out there but why aren’t they biting your arm off for a chance to work for your company?!

Maritime Recruitment Headaches? Let Martide Help!

What are some of the steps that shipping companies can take to promote seafaring as a career and fill their vacant maritime jobs? The need to attract and retain seafarers is a huge issue and one we all need to step up to if shipowners can beat their marine recruitment headaches.

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Maritime Candidate Database

Are you a shipowner or manager fed up with trying to grow your candidate database to fill your jobs at sea? We’d love to tell you there’s a quick fix solution - but there isn’t. However the good news is, there’s some sure-fire ways to make the never-ending maritime recruitment drive less painful.

How Up-to-Date is the Maritime Recruitment Agency You Use?

In shipping, not everyone is onboard when it comes to abandoning old practices and embracing new. Do your maritime recruitment agencies fall into that category? If you suspect the companies you use to fill your maritime jobs could be more efficient it’s time to take a look at who you partner with.

Is Your Current Maritime Recruitment Agency Responsive Enough?

If you’re a shipowner using maritime recruitment agencies to fill your jobs at sea, you need to know you’re getting good value for money. Luckily there's ways to tell if the agency or consultant you work with is fulfilling their obligations, and one of those is looking at how responsive they are.

Is Your Maritime Recruitment Agency Finding You the Best Seafarers?

Finding the right crew to fill your seafarer jobs is hard if the maritime recruitment agencies you work with aren’t doing their jobs properly. You need to be sure the seamen they pick from their candidate database are right. So let’s look at how to choose a partner to help you fill your vacancies.