Posts about how as a small to mid sized shipping company you can keep your crew onboard happy so they'll want to come back to you every new contract

4 Benefits Applicants Actually Want (Tip: It’s Not Always Money)

There will be a predicted shortage of 89,510 officers by 2026. To prevent this, employers will need to attract and retain as many potential seafarers as possible. We take a look at a few benefits you can offer to appeal to new recruits to offset any potential shortages.

4 Crew Retention Strategies to Stop Seafarers Jumping Ship

It's time to talk about your crew retention strategies: the shortage of talent in the shipping industry is at an all time low. Seafarers are increasingly hard to find and crew retention is becoming a thorn in shipping companies’ side. So what can shipowners do to stop crew from quitting?

This Martide Feature Helps You Grow Your Candidate Database

We know making sure you have a well-stocked candidate database is vital in maritime recruitment. But aligning some ranks and crew change dates can be easier said than done. And rushing to find not only that rank, but also the right seafarer in that rank, can be stressful. Here’s how Martide helps!

Why You Need to Start Hiring Seafarers with Tech Skills

If you think about it from a traditional point of view, it might seem a little strange needing a seafarer who lists coding, programming or other techie skills on his or her maritime resume. But times are changing and like many sectors, the maritime industry is now starting to embrace digitization.

How to Encourage More Women to Apply for Maritime Jobs

That there is a lack of women in maritime jobs will come as a shock to absolutely no-one. The reasons why have been discussed at length so how does the industry encourage females and increase the number of women at sea? After all, this rewarding career and a life at sea should be open to all!