Social Media

Martide blog posts with a focus on how social media can be used by shipowners, crew managers & manning agents to boost their maritime recruitment efforts.

What Your Shipping or Manning Company Needs to Know About Branding

Whether you’re a small to medium sized shipowner or ship manager, or a manning agency, there’s one thing you need to know about your business when it comes to attracting more qualified seafarers for your job vacancies. What are we talking about? We’re talking about your company’s brand.

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Maritime Candidate Database

Are you a shipowner or manager fed up with trying to grow your candidate database to fill your jobs at sea? We’d love to tell you there’s a quick fix solution - but there isn’t. However the good news is, there’s some sure-fire ways to make the never-ending maritime recruitment drive less painful.

How to Minimize Resume Screening to Maximize Your Recruitment Drive

Do you ever find it hard recruiting for your seafarer jobs? Does anything frustrate you? Hate sorting through all the seafarer resumes? Well there are ways to minimize the time you spend screening whether resumes are paper or online. All you need is a little help from Martide and technology!

Why LinkedIn Can be a Better Maritime Recruitment Tool than a Resume

Are you a shipowner or manning agent tired of how reading endless seafarer resumes is slowing your maritime recruitment processes down? Do you worry the CVs you receive might not be the truth and nothing but the truth? You’re not alone. Recruiters are turning to LinkedIn for the initial screening.

4 Tips for Developing a Talent Strategy in Maritime Recruitment

As a maritime recruitment company we know the average employee changes their job every four to five years. That’s not long to stay with a company that's invested in the recruitment and training of new hires planning. The question is not only how to attract top talent but how to retain it?