Trelleborg Launches Navigation System for Panama Canal Transits

Trelleborg Launches Navigation System for Panama Canal Transits

New positioning system criteria have been announced by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) for neo-Panamax ships transiting the canal between the Pacific and the Caribbean, starting in October 2023.

With the release of its cutting-edge SafePilot P3 navigation system for Panama Canal transits in December 2022, Trelleborg Marine and Infrastructure has responded to this rule change by introducing a new mobile unit to assist pilots in navigating ships in constrained waterways.

It offers real-time certified data to and from the pilot's display with better ship positioning precision within navigable canals.

The SafePilot P3 measures the vessel's movement in three dimensions using an advanced motion sensor and an accurate global navigation satellite system (GNSS).

Two GNSS antennas are used to calculate the ship's position and heading in restricted waterways, and it includes a built-in backup battery to operate in power outages.

"Using a novel approach, we developed a solution that makes pilotage much easier in confined waterways," said Richard Hepworth, Trelleborg Marine president.

The SafePilot P3 is the first product of its kind to be assessed and authorized by the ACP, and it effortlessly connects with Trelleborg's SafeCaptain App.

"An added benefit of this solution is that it is suitable for use globally in all waterways and ports in conjunction with the SafePilot App," said Mr. Hepworth.

The SafePilot application may now be used on ships thanks to Trelleborg's latest unit, giving pilots access to the most accurate information regarding vessel positioning and movement in waterways and harbors.

As a result, it reduces the length and complexity of lengthy pilotage operations while increasing situational awareness during canal transit and port approach.

Additionally, SafePilot P3 improves communication between the ship's captain, pilot, tug drivers, and canal workers.

Trelleborg's SafePilot solutions give pilots more control, safety, and precision during port approach and maneuvers by offering ports pertinent, real-time navigation information.

A dedicated team of software developers and maritime pilots created the SafePilot software, which features touchscreens, quick zoom capabilities, and intelligent chart layouts.

All SafePilot solutions use touchscreen technology, which sets them apart for being simple to use and intuitive. In addition, the SafePilot software's quick zoom feature and clever chart structure speed up response and decision-making.

A committed team of software developers and maritime pilots created this incredibly user-friendly maritime piloting program.

A crucial part of SmartPort is SafePilot. Trelleborg's SmartPort is a technological platform that links various data-driven assets to facilitate communication and decision-making in the port environment and provide stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of operations.

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