US Navy Awards $5.1 Billion to General Dynamics

US Navy Awards $5.1 Billion to General Dynamics

General Dynamics Electric Boat revealed that the USA’s Columbia class of submarines, the country’s next-generation sea-based strategic deterrent, has been given a $5.1 billion amendment to the previously awarded Columbia Integrated Product and Process Development Contract by the Navy.

The Columbia program, which will replace the outdated Ohio class ballistic missile submarines, has Electric Boat as its primary contractor. Wisconsin (SSBN 827) and the District of Columbia (SSBN 826) are now being built.

The contract amendment is worth $5,134,324,189. By October 2030, work is anticipated to be finished in Groton, Connecticut; Quonset Point, Rhode Island; and Newport News, Virginia.

The award funds ongoing efforts to support continuous missile tube production, improvements to develop the Submarine Industrial Base, and sustained class maintenance and support. It also helps advance the procurement and advance construction of crucial components and materials to support Build II (the next five ships in the class), which will be built.

“This award enhances Electric Boat’s efforts to maintain the Columbia-class production and delivery schedule,” said Kevin Graney, president of General Dynamics Electric Boat.

“Advance procurement of long lead time materials and component construction is critical to the program, and the strategic investments in the development and expansion of the Submarine Industrial Base will help stabilize and grow the supply chain, which increases manufacturing capacity, reduces risk, and ultimately drives timely delivery of submarines to the Navy,” Graney continued.

The Columbia class of submarines will be the largest ever produced by the United States, measuring 560 feet long and carrying almost 21,000 tons of payload.

A mid-service refueling will not be necessary for ships of the Columbia class because they will feature a fuel core that will power the submarine for the duration of its service life. In 2027, the Navy will receive the lead ship from Electric Boat.

Nuclear submarines for the United States are designed, constructed, repaired, and modernized by General Dynamics Electric Boat. Navy. The corporation has more than 19,000 employees and is based in Groton, Connecticut.

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