Viasat & Cobham Satcom Collaborate on Maritime Connectivity

Viasat & Cobham Satcom Collaborate on Maritime Connectivity

American communications company Viasat and radio and satellite communication expert Cobham Satcom are collaborating on a new and advanced satellite connectivity solution for the maritime and energy industries.

This partnership is also in preparation for the launch of the ViaSat-3, Viasat's next-generation satellite constellation.

The companies have a long-standing, fruitful partnership that began in 2015, and more recently, they have made significant progress toward supplying high-speed connectivity to the maritime sector.

Innovative Cobham Satcom antenna systems power the connectivity system. In addition, the ViaSat-3 constellation's enormous satellite capacity is expected to be fully utilized in the system's meticulously planned delivery of advanced, high-speed connectivity.

The three ViaSat-3 satellites are expected to deliver at least 1 Terabit (1Tbps), or 1,000 Gigabits per second, of data per second, giving the flexibility to offer even higher Internet speeds and manage increasingly data-hungry applications.

The partnership will also see the release of the first upgrade kit in the market, enabling the conversion of current Ku and other Ka band services to Viasat services.

Shameem Hashmi, VP, and GM of Maritime of Viasat, says that this collaboration is made possible by their long-standing relationship with Cobham Satcom. The project also enabled them to closely monitor the development of next-generation devices to improve broadband connectivity on our upcoming satellites.

"The terminal solution will be important as the ViaSat-3 constellation, once complete, is expected to, incredibly, increase Viasat's total satellite fleet capacity by 600 percent. Plus, layered upon this immense capacity will be the ability to flexibly move the capacity, directing it to high demand areas, such as the Caribbean, the Mediterranean or the Straits of Singapore and Malacca, where demand for maritime connectivity is often concentrated," Hashmi shares.

Peter Kiær, Senior Vice President for Maritime at Cobham Satcom, shares Viasat's excitement about the project.

"We are excited to continue our strong partnership with Viasat, not only bringing the industry's most reliable high throughput connectivity to the maritime community but continuing to deliver the ultimate customer experience," he said.

"Each ViaSat-3 satellite will bring unparalleled high throughput to the market, and with Cobham Satcom's portfolio of next-generation user terminals and strong sales partner and after-sales service network, we will collaborate closely to deliver a comprehensive end-to-end experience for yachting, commercial shipping, Cruise, and Oil & Gas customers," Kiær further explained.

Viasat and Cobham Satcom will collaborate to offer customers expert, fit-for-purpose pre-sales and after-sales support through Cobham Satcom's extensive global distribution network.