What Generation Z Expects from Your Maritime Recruitment Process

What Generation Z Expects from Your Maritime Recruitment Process

Eve Jones

As the owner or manager of a shipping company are you in touch with what the latest recruits expect from you and your maritime recruitment process?

It’s always been a rallying cry of sorts for older generations: “Kids of today!” and “They don’t know they’re born!” and of course “In my day…” but the latest wave of employees - Generation Z, born between the mid 1990s and the early 2000s - really are demanding a different working experience to those before them.

It may have started with the Millennials but Gen Z are the applicants who are really changing the way that maritime recruitment works and the perks and benefits that the companies doing the hiring are offering them.

What Generation Z expects from your maritime recruitment process

It might be tempting to dismiss this new generation of seafarers as young upstarts who haven’t earned their stripes and are in no position to be calling the shots. But the reality is, employers across all industries are finding that their potential employees are making greater demands than ever before.

You have empty seafarer jobs to fill an in a job market that’s suffering from a skills shortage, it’s vital that your shipping company is aware of and ready to address the issue in order to attract top talent in the maritime industry.

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Generation Z demands competitive pay...and more

In maritime recruitment, one of the most important factors for seamen looking for seafarer jobs is ensuring the pay they receive is competitive within the market.

This makes sense for a young person entering any sector but particularly in shipping where cadets must truly dedicate themselves to gaining qualifications, training, and physically and mentally preparing themselves for a life at sea.  

But pay is only a part of it and improved benefits across the board are increasingly being seen as critical factors when it comes to accepting positions in the maritime industry.

Health insurance (and often family health insurance), maternity and paternity leave, and paid sick leave are all seen as a right, not a privilege by Gen Z applicants.

They are also making it clear that they expect more from their living conditions onboard a vessel: that means a gym and - yes - a speedy and stable WiFi connection.

This generation is also more career conscious in that many applicants are asking about opportunities for job development. Blame it on the internet and the fact that knowledge is always just the click of a mouse away, but they want to learn.

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However, clearly this is not a bad thing and it can only have a positive knock-on effect for crew, and shipowners and shipping companies alike.

For employers that means implementing onboard training and career development, and potentially offering sponsorship of seafaring qualifications.  

Why should you care what Gen Z wants?

The maritime industry, and possibly your shipping company too, needs to attract new blood. And that new blood is a different generation - a generation who has grown up with buzzwords such as wellbeing and wellness ringing in their ears, creature comforts such as wifi on tap, and anytime, anywhere communication.

Like it or not, to make a shipping company and the industry in general more appealing to the next crop of crew members, improving the benefits offered to seafarers is increasingly crucial.

It goes without saying, too, that existing crew members should also be treated with the same regard for their wellbeing and development.

After all, there is very much a need to retain current skilled seafarers - for who else is going to lead the way for the next generation of demanding young things?!

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