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Why You Shouldn't Cheat on your Maritime Recruitment Agency

Why You Shouldn't Cheat on your Maritime Recruitment Agency

Eve Jones

You might think that coming from a maritime recruitment agency the title of this blog post is a little biased. And you might be right! But stick with us for a moment as we explain why only working with one recruitment agency in the maritime industry makes more sense than you might think.

It doesn’t sound that realistic though does it? If you’re looking to fill your jobs at sea, surely it makes sense to sign up with as many recruiters as possible. Cast your net wide. Find as many candidates as humanly possible. But in all honesty, it doesn’t work like that.

Why you should choose one maritime recruitment agency

We’re not just talking about marine recruitment here either - this is general advice that could serve any HR manager well, no matter what the sector.

The fact is, if you’re seeking talented individuals who are looking for seafarer jobs in the maritime industry (or any industry…) your best bet is to spend a little time and effort doing some research, and then choosing one recruitment agency to work with.

up of man with blurred face pointing into camera

Stick with just one recruitment agency and they become an ally

It’s a valid question if you're wondering WHY you should only work with one firm but we think you’ll find that if you opt to partner with one maritime recruitment agency you will get so much more out of the relationship. Working alongside an ally in your mission to find candidates for your jobs at sea is going to have a much better outcome than spreading yourself thinly and working with multiple agencies.

That’s partly down to the fact that if you choose to work with just one recruiter, they know they have a commitment from you. They know that you’re as dedicated to sourcing someone to hire for your seafarer jobs through their talent pool as they are to finding them.

Let’s face it, the last thing any recruiter wants is to put in the hours for you, exhaust their contacts, and put forward potential applicants only to be told “Sorry, I went with someone else.”

No business, whatever the industry, likes that. Put it this way: would you book three taxi cabs at the same time, take the first one that turns up and then tell the others, “Sorry - too late!” Probably not.

the roofs of two taxi cabs with signs lit in a city at night

Marine recruitment is a two way relationship

It pretty much comes down to basic human emotions and it’s also a two way street: your maritime recruitment agency is more committed to finding you new crew members if you’re only working with them, but that’s not the only reason you’re likely to be more successful at finding new seafarers through them.

If you only have one agency to deal with, not only are you saving yourself from a lot of stress, emails, phone calls and dealing with multiple contacts but you’re also more likely to be more invested in the one relationship and your focus will be sharper.

More benefits of only working with one maritime recruitment agency

Another reason that can’t really be argued with is that if you’re focused on a singular relationship with one recruiter, they are also going to be more faithful when it comes to showing you the best candidates - and before your competitors get dibs on them too!

smartphones showing Martide's app for seafarers

They’ll also be more in tune with what exactly it is you’re looking for as you’ll have the time to explain what makes a great candidate in your shipping company’s eyes. In the marine recruitment process, communication and feedback really do go a long way.

Finding great seafarers who are willing, qualified and ready to work doesn’t have to be a headache.

At Martide we’ve created a software as a service (SaaS) solution that helps shipowners and managers fill their vacant jobs at sea quickly and easily. Our customizable recruitment and interview process filters out unsuitable candidates and only shows you the right people for your role, as specified by you.

We save you time, money and resources. And we promote your vacancies on our social media accounts which are followed by seafarers across the globe too.

Let’s work together! If you’d like to find out more about how Martide can help you find the right seafarer for your open seamen jobs, get in touch with us today.