If you’re a seafarer looking for jobs at sea in the maritime industry who has already applied for one or more vacancies through Martide, you’re going to want to know how you can keep track of your applications. That’s where the My Jobs feature for mariners comes in.

At Martide we’re always working to make sure our platform is delivering the functions you need to make it easier for you to find and apply for shipping jobs.

That’s why we’ve created this feature so you know exactly what’s going on with both your open and closed job vacancies - and so for this blog post we thought it might be a good idea to give you a how to guide so you know how to use it.

A how to guide for getting the most from the My Jobs feature

First of all, log in to martide.com. The first page you see will be your User Profile. Click My Jobs at the top of the page. It will take you to a page that looks something like the image below. For this how to guide we’re going to keep it simple - as you can see, our seafarer has just one active application, and one historical one.

Martide website showing the jobs a seafarer has applied for

On this page you can do a number of things:

  1. See all your current job applications - in our example the seafarer has an open application for a Bosun’s job.
  2. See your past applications for shipping jobs that are now no longer available. You may have been hired for these, or you may not have been successful. In our example the seafarer previously applied to be a Master.
  3. Check what stage you are at with current applications.
  4. Look back at old job applications.

Checking the status of your current applications

It’s really easy to check where you are at any point in your applications for jobs at sea. Simply click on the job position on any of your open vacancies - in this example that’s Bosun - and you’ll be taken to your job description and application.

It looks like this:

Details about a job that has been applied for by a seafarer on Martide's website

This page tells you more about the vessel type and its specs, as well as your contract and the visa you need. If you scroll further down the page you will be able to check what’s actually happening with your application. You can view stages which have a black arrow next to them. Click the arrow to open them. The bottom half of the page will look something like this:

Details of a page on Martide's website showing what stage of the application a seafarer is at

In our example above you can see our seafarer has passed his maritime industry medical examination and is vaccinated against Yellow Fever. However, he has not been hired yet as the contract has not  been signed. That means he can delete his application if he wants to by clicking the blue Withdraw button.

Checking the status of your past applications

For past applications you will have either been hired or not accepted for the position. If you were hired, you will see the salary amount under the job position and if you click on the job position of successful hires you will see that the contract was signed.

Finding contracts and jobs at sea with Martide

The My Jobs feature helps you stay one step ahead so you can plan better and also proactively follow up on any applications with a prospective employer or your manning agent.

And that’s really all you need to know about checking where you are at any given time once you’ve applied for one of Martide’s jobs at sea vacancies.

Tip: This blog post is a shorter version of one of our handy user guides for seafarers. We have a full step-by-step guide to tracking your open and past shipping jobs as well as a how to guide for managing your notifications and messages.

Still looking for your next vacant crewing position? Martide have a wide range of open jobs at sea for seafarers. We also make it super easy to apply for jobs on the go when you download our mobile app. Get it now, for free from Google Play or the Apple Store!