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The Lowdown on Seafarer Jobs in the Maritime Industry

The Lowdown on Seafarer Jobs in the Maritime Industry

Eve Jones

Right now anyone who is thinking of taking their first steps towards a career in seafarer jobs in the maritime industry is making one of the most important, and thrilling, steps of their lives. This is a time of great change in the shipping industry and maritime career opportunities are beckoning anyone who relishes a challenge.

Of course, the traditional aspects of seafaring still apply to maritime jobs but increasingly, technology is playing a more important part than ever before.

Your guide to seafarer jobs and careers in the maritime industry

Today there aren’t many industries out there that are completely insusceptible to change and many are having to innovate and implement new technologies to stay relevant.

Shipping jobs and the shipping industry as a whole are the same and anyone looking for entry level maritime jobs will certainly set themselves apart from the competition if they're willing to embrace technology and learn new skills.
large pencil sign on wall saying Love to Learn

Seafarer jobs in the maritime industry boast surprisingly varied job descriptions and are also suitable for those with an interest in seafaring or ships, but who for whatever reason prefer to, or need to, work in a shore based maritime job. Think of shipping brokerage, which is ideal for those with a financial bent, and could see you negotiating between the buyers and sellers of vessels, or with charterers and ship owners who transport cargo by sea.

Shore based maritime jobs in the shipping industry

Another land based role that is one of the industry’s top paying maritime jobs is that of admiralty lawyer, an often challenging career which involves helping to create new maritime laws and working with the legalities that oversee activities in international waters.

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Of course, those are only two examples and there are countless more shore based maritime jobs ranging from route masters to lecturers in maritime studies and from naval architects to specialists in maritime recruitment - such as us here at Martide!

Jobs at sea: cruise ships or cargo ship jobs?

However, if you’re reading this and have an interest in finding out more about jobs in shipping companies the likelihood is you are interested in a career that is based at sea. Whether that is finding a crewing position on a yacht and living the high life, or something that involves physical labor on a fully cellular container ship, only you can decide!

super yacht moored in a marina as the sun sets

At Martide we are always looking for talented and dedicated crew members for our international shipping clients and if you’re looking to put your mechanical skills to good use, you might like to consider applying for a position as a chief engineer or second engineer.

Or maybe you’re a budding Gordon Ramsay (but hopefully with a more even temperament!) in which case a job as chief cook on board a vessel would be the perfect way to put your talents in the ship’s galley to the test, while also fulfilling your love of adventure.  

Find your maritime career pathway

Maritime career pathways can take you in so many different directions, not least to the deck department of a ship. Jobs in the maritime industry that fall under this category include Bosun, able seaman or deck officer. As the department name suggests, duties that come under this area entail taking responsibility for all things deck related including its equipment, maintenance and operation.

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In a Boatswain, or Bosun’s, case this means looking after the ship's hull and its components such as anchors, as well as deck maintenance. An able seaman will also be required to help with the general repair and sanitation of the deck’s areas and equipment as well as performing security watches when the ship is stationary.

anchor rope feeding though rusty ship port hole with a view of the ocean and hills behind

A deck officer, meanwhile, is more of an executive role and they will be responsible for the navigation and maneuvering of the vessel. This extends to communicating with the shore and ensuring cargo is correctly handled and delivered.

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