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Your Guide to Jobs at Sea & Finding the Right Job for You

Your Guide to Jobs at Sea & Finding the Right Job for You

Eve Jones

Once you’re set on finding one of the many jobs at sea to choose from, you’ve acquired the right training and certifications and are sure you’re in possession of the right personality traits, it’s time to turn that dream into reality. Likewise, if you’re thinking of taking the next step and finding a more challenging role within the industry or are looking at pursuing different maritime job pathways it will be time to seek the help of the professionals.

Jobs at sea and how to find the right maritime job

Recruitment in the maritime industry is unlike so-called ‘traditional’ recruitment and with it being such a highly specialized area, you really need to work with a recruiter who knows the specifics of this niche sector. We focus solely on jobs at sea preferring to shun the ‘Jack of all trades’ route by sticking to exactly what we do best and in an industry we know like the backs of our hands.

Martide help shipping companies fill their seafarer jobs

There are endless maritime jobs and careers at sea available out there and at Martide we take great honor in matching up recruits from across the shipping industry spectrum with their ideal position. We are also proud to be one of the go-to companies that the owners and managers of vessels approach when they are looking for crew members for their vacant jobs at sea.

cargo ship at sea at sunset

That’s because we are trusted by shipping companies to find them the right candidates for the job, helping them to keep a check on the time and expense involving in hiring new people. In addition to fulfilling their need for new crew members we also make it much easier for Human Resources and managers to evaluate any candidates we find for them and then keep track of the applicants applying for positions.

Our maritime recruitment software solution makes hiring easy

We do this all through our efficient software platform which is a real one-stop solution that connects ship owners to seafarers, as well as manning agents. And with the software working on both desktop and mobile, it’s never been simpler to stay one step ahead of the maritime recruitment game - something that is crucial in this fast paced world where different time zones and ever shifting crew change dates play an important role.

Our software even allows ship managers to seamlessly collaborate with their teams - but that’s a topic for another day!

We help seafarers find hot vacancies for seamen

But what about those looking for a job for a container ship or a heavy load carrier? As a seafarer, whatever your age, experience and qualifications, at Martide we’re always looking for talented individuals to fill our shipping clients’ vacancies. Whether you’re a fitter, a bosun, a second or chief engineer, a ship’s cook, an officer, master or oiler, take a look at our  agency jobs  at sea and find the right role for you.

Do What You Love spray painted on wall

From entry level maritime jobs to top paying seafarer jobs, our user friendly website is the right place to start your job search.

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Applying for one of our listed maritime jobs online is a piece of cake too. Simply click on the jobs you’re interested in and you’ll see all the info you need at a glance, including vitals such as the shipping company you’ll be applying to, the type of vessel, the estimated crew change date, the vessel’s trading area and the length of the contract.

You’ll also find specifications for the ship in question such as its name, engine type, DWT, and ECDIS and the fleet size. Like what you see? Click the ‘Apply’ button to get the ball rolling.

Download the Martide app to start applying today!

smartphone showing Martide's seafarer jobs vacancies on app

To start applying register your seafarer account now either on our website or on our mobile app. Don't have the app yet? Download it now from Google Play for Android or the App Store for Apple.

No matter whether you’re looking to hire new crew members, you’re fresh out of maritime academy, or you’re looking for a new ship’s master position, at Martide we can help you find the candidate or position you need. Why not get in touch today and see how we can help you with your maritime recruitment needs?