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15 Essential Websites if You Work in a Seafarer Job

If you work in a seafarer job you use the internet to look for jobs at sea, for finding seafarer training and new employers and manning agents who can help you find a new contract. And for all the other things to do with your maritime career! So here are 15 of the best websites for seafarers.

Now Hiring Seafarers with LNG Experience for Jobs at Sea

Are you a seafarer with experience in jobs at sea that include working on LNG fueled ships? If so you’re in high demand! As a greener cleaner energy Liquified Natural Gas is changing the future of the maritime industry. And seafarers who have the expertise will see their popularity rise!

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Soft Skills for Shore Based Maritime Jobs

Moving to shore based maritime jobs can be a daunting prospect if you’ve spent years working in traditional seafarer jobs. Your to-do list of things to consider and do can be as long as your arm! And one big thing to think about is how the skills you’ve gained at sea will transfer to a job ashore.