We're Hiring Seafarers with LNG Experience for Jobs at Sea

We're Hiring Seafarers with LNG Experience for Jobs at Sea

Eve Jones

Are you a seafarer who has experience in jobs at sea that includes working on LNG fuelled ships? If so, you’re in high demand right now! As a greener, cleaner energy, Liquified Natural Gas has a very high likelihood of changing the future of the maritime industry.

Martide are hiring crew with LNG experience for jobs at sea

Mariners who have the expertise to work with this natural gas, who understand LNG bunkering and who can operate and/or maintain dual fuel engines are set to see their popularity rise!

At Martide we work with a number of well known and prestigious global shipping companies - some of whom are now using LNG fuel and are looking for qualified crew members to fulfill their hot vacancies for seamen.
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LNG: Changing the future for all our futures

Both individuals, small to medium-sized shipping companies and global corporations are concerned with climate change. Concerns for the environment are making headlines like never before.

There’s a lot of work to be done but Liquified Natural Gas has the potential to help the maritime industry drastically reduce the sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions caused by the use of traditional fuels.

In fact, using LNG as fuel on a vessel will reduce those emissions by a staggering 90 to 95%. This will be crucial for shipping companies as they work towards compliance with the IMO’s 2020 Global Sulphur Cap.

Want to find LNG seafarer jobs? Sign up for LNG training

So if it’s ‘full steam ahead’ with LNG as a fuel in the maritime industry, what can seafarers who want to win these jobs at sea do to make sure they’re first in line for the pick of the best jobs on the best ships?

That’s where training as a way to future-proof your career at sea comes in and you might want to consider enrolling on a training course to learn how to operate and maintain LNG powered vessels and dual fuel engines.

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Image courtesy of BlackSea Training

There are a number of specialist training centers for seafarers, shipowners  and ship managers that will give you a much better understanding of LNG as a fuel for use in the maritime industry.

They'll also provide you with a valuable opportunity to gain “real life” experience in controlling LNG and dual fueled engines. Better still, these centers are based ashore and use simulators to provide practical experience.

That means you can learn about operating dual fuel engines and LNG bunkering - all in a calm, controlled and completely safe environment.

How to find jobs at sea for seafarers with LNG experience

If LNG is changing the future of the maritime industry, it’s also changing the future of seafarer jobs. Any seafarers who are already qualified in this area and want to join a LNG powered vessel should make the most of their unique skills and apply for their next contract without delay.

And thanks to Martide, this couldn’t be easier:

  1. Download the Martide jobs app for seafarers from Google Play or the Apple Store.
  2. Register an account. It’s quick, easy and free! (You can also do this on our website.)
  3. Take a look at our hot vacancies for seamen and apply to any you’re interested in.

If you don’t see any jobs specifically related to LNG fueled ships, don’t worry. Once you’ve created an account with Martide you’ll be automatically entered into our database where shipping companies and manning agents will be able to search for seafarers with the skills they need for their vessels.

That means, if you have LNG experience and an employer is looking for someone who matches your skills, it’s likely they will get in contact with you.

Good luck finding your next contract - we look forward to welcoming you onboard soon!