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From ship, management to ship owning, and everything in-between. MMM are passionate about their people. They believe their stakeholders are their biggest asset and they strive to achieve those stakeholders’ interests. They are a unique culture; a combination of the best of the past intertwined with futuristic business strategies and a multinational presence. 

Mercmarine boasts an illustrious and successful history through which their focus broadened to reach the expanse of the shipping industry. Today they are a group of companies - a multinational organization managing a broad portfolio of shipping-related businesses. Shipowning, ship management, maritime training, crew management are their core businesses. Their success in the industry is attributable to their unique business approach - being people-oriented. They strive to achieve their stakeholders’ interests through their unique business strategy; a futuristic approach complemented by industry familiarity gained over the years.

Our offices

Sri Lanka

No 108, Aluthmawatha Road, Colombo 15, Basnāhira paḷāta

+65 738 550 00

[email protected]

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