USC Barnkrug

About Us

As a shipping consortium USC Barnkrug GmbH has managed feeder ships since 2005. The combination of all members‘ experiences enables the consortium to create new common values that allow them to offer a continuously expanding range of modern services and solutions for their own ships and their partner companies.

Their core work includes the technical management of feeder ships, their crewing and both the implementation and monitoring of all actions necessary for the safe operation of a ship in accordance with the current regulations. Their range of services also includes the perfect execution of charter contracts and the processing of cases of damage and insurance claims. A further symbol of their ongoing development is USC Maritime Invest which was founded in 2013 and which enables them to offer the USC Group’s full services to investors.

The long-term experience of captains, financial experts, and qualified personnel in the commercial and technical areas come together in USC Barnkrug. Thus, business trends and developments can be detected and acted upon with a view to the future, enabling the shipping and ship operation of their partners to be optimally managed.

With a 20-strong team on land and a crew of 250 at sea they stand for stability and continuity in the shipping market. The maintenance of the highest levels of quality and safety standards, perfect personnel management, the bundling of valuable resources and the availability of all capacities related to the operation of ships form the foundation for their success. Thinking and acting as a partner has become the motto of their company: “Sailing ahead together.”

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