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AGILE Maritime Resources was established on the 15th of March 1995. Over 20 years of experience in ship manning and crew management have shaped AGILE into a nurturing organization, sensitive to the needs of its seafarers and their families and looking out for the interest of its clients – the shipowners. Being ever-adaptive to the rapidly changing business horizon of the global shipping industry is what makes AGILE a reliable partner.

AGILE’s excellent work ethics and drive to deliver a world-class standard of service to its clients are central to its enduring relationship with its German principals, spanning a period of 21 years. A 90% retention rate of its manpower pool is AGILE’s proud achievement. A long-running relationship with its German clients and a high crew retention rate are telling indicators that AGILE is indeed a nurturing organization.

AGILE’s reputation as a reliable supplier of Filipino seafarers has spread to Eastern Europe and the Middle East. AGILE qualified as a recruitment service supplier of the National Petroleum Construction Company (NPCC) in Abu Dhabi. It recently bagged contracts with one of the biggest shipowners based in Odessa and a Japanese company operating bunker tankers in Saudi Arabia.


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