In Martide you’ll find a feature called Contract Termination Reason. This allows you to add a reason why you ended a contract with a seafarer to their profile so that other users in your system are aware, and you know for future reference. Here’s how to use the feature.

Contract Termination Reason

Log in to your Martide account and click on Settings in the menu under your profile picture and then on Contract Termination Reason:

screenshot showing the settings page

That will take you to this page:

screenshot showing the contract termination reasons page

Here you can:

  • See all the default Contract Termination Reasons in the system.
  • Add a new Contract Termination Reason.
  • Sort the reasons from A-Z or Z-A by clicking the 3 lines next to the header ‘Reason’.

How to add a new Contract Termination Reason

To add a new Contract Termination Reason, click the blue Add termination reason button at the top of the page:

screenshot showing the add reason button

That will show you a pop-up box that looks like this:

screenshot showing the termination reason pop up box

Here you can:

  • Enter your reason for terminating the contract in the box and click Save.

For example:

screenshot showing the termination reason pop up box

When you click Save, the new reason will appear on the main page:

screenshot showing the new termination reason

You will notice that if the reason is one you have created, you can edit or delete it. Click the pen and paper icon to edit and the trash can icon to delete it.

You cannot edit or delete any of the default reasons that are already in the system.

Where to add a Contract Termination Reason

To set a Contract Termination Reason for a seafarer, go to their profile page and scroll down to the Employment section:

screenshot showing the seafarer profile

Click on Add manual employment (see above) and you will see this pop-up box:

screenshot showing the manual employment pop-up box

When you add manual employment for a seafarer you can select the Contract Termination Reason from the menu in the drop down box (see above.)

A couple of notes about Contract Termination Reasons

  • The Contract Termination Reason will only be visible to your company - i.e. seafarers and manning agents will not be able to see it.
  • You need to add permissions for your User Groups to be able to View, Edit and Delete Contract Termination Reasons. You can do this on your User Groups page.