Being able to communicate in English is crucial for seafarers which is why we created the English Test feature. This makes it easier for you to see which of your candidates have knowledge of the language so you can decide whether to consider them for a vacancy. Here’s how to use the feature.

Understanding the English Test feature

Log in to your Martide account and click on Settings in the drop down menu under your profile picture. Then click on English Test:

screenshot of the Martide website showing where to find the English test page

When you click on English Test you will see this page:

screenshot of the Martide maritime recruitment website showing the English test page

Here you can:

  • Choose which countries you want to be able to skip the test. For example, if you hire seafarers from countries that have English as a native or second/official language you might not want candidates from those countries to have to take the test. You can add as many exempt countries as you like by clicking in the Exception Countries box and typing the first few letters of the country's name. Candidates from those countries will not see the test in their recruitment pipeline.
  • Add an English Test to the list by clicking the +Add English test button at the top. (If you do not see the English Test you require, please contact and we will add one for you.)
  • Enter the minimum score that anyone taking the test must achieve. This score is your pass/fail rate.
  • Edit or delete an English Test by clicking the pen icon (edit) or trash can icon (delete).

How to set your minimum pass/fail rate score

Click the little pen icon to the right of the name of the English Test:

screenshot showing the pen icon to edit and english test

You will see this pop-up box:

screenshot showing the pop-up box with minimum score box

Enter your fail/pass rate into the minimum score box and click Save.

How to check a candidate’s English Test score

Go to the Candidates Page and you will see a list of all of your applicants.

screenshot of the Martide website showing the candidate page

Click on a candidate's name and you will be taken to their seafarer profile where you can see all their information:

screenshot of the candidate's profile in Martide's maritime recruitment platform

Either click on English Test in the header shortcut bar - see above outlined in red - or scroll down the page where you’ll find the English Test section towards the bottom:

screenshot of the Martide website showing the English test section

You can see that in our example above, the candidate passed her test with a full score of 100. If she had failed, the section would instead look like this:

screenshot showing the candidate has failed his English test

How to add a candidate's English Test results

Click on the blue text that says + Add English test (see the image above.) You will see this pop-up box:

screenshot of the Martide website showing where to upload a test results

Here you can:

  • Select the test you used from the English Test Type drop down menu.
  • Enter the candidate’s test score in the box below.
  • Upload the candidate’s results/correct answers.
  • Upload the candidate’s failed test results (if they have any.)
  • If the candidate got a perfect score and didn’t fail any questions, click the No failed questions box. The pop-up box will change to look like this:
screenshot of the Martide website showing where to upload the test results

Notes about the English Test feature

  • You can upload as many  English Test results for each candidate as you want.

We hope you’ve found this page about using the English Test function useful but if you have any questions please contact us at