Log into your Martide account. You will see your Profile page, which looks something like this:

screenshot of Martide website showing the top of a seafarer profile page

How to search for a job

To start your job search, click Find Jobs at the top of the page. It will take you to a page that looks like this:

screenshot of Martide website showing Martide's maritime job vacancies

Here you can:

  • See all of Martide's currently vacancies.
  • Scroll down the page or type a rank - e.g. Junior Electrician - into the Search Box and hit enter or click the Find Jobs button.
  • Sign up for notifications when more Junior Electrician jobs are posted by clicking the Subscribe button on the right hand side. That will then tell you You have subscribed to this search.
screenshot of Martide website showing the maritime jobs page and subscribe button

How to apply for a job

When you find a job you‘d like to apply for, click on the position. That will take you to a page showing the vacancy’s details, like this:

screenshot of Martide website showing the maritime job details page

Here you can:

  • See information about the vacancy including the company, vessel type, vessel name, engine type, DWT, ECDIS etc.
  • See the join date and contract length.
  • The little clock icon means the change date is coming up soon!
  • Apply for the job by clicking the blue Apply button at the bottom of the page.

If your profile and documents are all up-to-date according to the information you entered and the documents you uploaded when you created your User Profile you will be taken to a page that looks like this:

Here you can:

  • Type a message for the employer.
  • Click the blue Apply button when you're finished. Your application will be sent automatically.

What to do if your profile is missing information

You might find when you click on the Apply button that you are told you need to update some information. You might see a page like this:

The green sections with the check mark are fine. The white sections are missing information and you need to update them before you can submit your application.

You will also see this message at the bottom of the page:

screenshot of Martide website showing the error message

How to update missing information

To update missing information, click the white sections and  you will see a pop-up box that looks like this:

Select the missing info from the drop down menu and click Save.

How to upload missing documents

If you are missing documents, you will need to upload these. Click on the document section that is missing. (Again, green means okay and white means it needs updating. )

That will open up a page that looks like this:

screenshot showing the pop-up document box
screenshot showing the document upload box
  • Enter the document number, country of issue and start and end dates.
  • Click or drag to upload a copy of your document from your computer or other device.
  • Click the blue + Add Attachment link if you need to upload more copies/pages of the document.
  • Click the blue Save button. Your document will be saved to your application.

Once all of your missing information is uploaded you can hit the Apply button on the job and your application will be submitted.

Note: you can apply for as many jobs as you like and we hope this helps you find jobs at sea more quickly and easily! Thank you for using Martide!