Log in to your Martide account. The first page you see will be your User Profile. In the top header bar you will see a little envelope icon. The number on the envelope tells you how many unread messages you have. The seafarer in our example has 22:

screenshot of Martide website showing the header bar when a seafarer logs in

How your inbox is organized

Click on the envelope and you'll be taken to your inbox. Your inbox is divided into sections. The side panel on the left is where you can select which messages to view. It's organized by Jobs, Employment Agents and Manning Agents. It looks like this:

screenshot of Martide website showing a seafarers message inbox control panel

How to check messages relating to jobs

Click on the little arrows at the left of the companies under Jobs to open up a list of vessels you have applied to jobs on.

Click on a vessel and you will see the Messages relating to that job application:

screenshot of Martide website showing their message thread

In the 2nd panel you will see:

  • The name of the vessel
  • The position(s) applied for (in this case Able Seaman and Bosun)
  • The stage of the application (In these cases, Negotiation)
  • If you are ex-crew and have worked on that vessel before

In the 3rd panel you'll see the message thread. This is a message the candidate (i.e. you) has sent to a manning agent.

If you look at the top of the screenshot above you'll see a blue/white button that says Manning Agent / Employer. This lets you switch between messages from either manning agents or employers.

You will also see a blank text box at the bottom of the page - this is where you can type your messages. Add an attachment by clicking the paperclip icon.

screenshot of Martide website showing where to add an attachment to a message

Finally, in the 4th panel you will see the personal info of the person you are messaging. In our example it is an employer:

screenshot of Martide website showing an employer's information in a seafarer's inbox

We hope this helps you use your inbox more efficiently. Thank you for using Martide!