Your inbox helps you stay in touch with employers and manning agents. Here's how to use it.

Where to find your Messages

Log in to your Martide account. The first page you see will be your User Profile. Click on the envelope icon at the top of the page:

screenshot of Martide website showing the user profile page and messages

Click on Messages and you will go to your inbox. it looks like this:

screenshot showing a seafarer's inbox

How your messages are organized

The default view is your inbox. To the left of your messages you will see some icons:

screenshot of Martide website showing a seafarers message inbox icons

Here's what the icons mean:

  • Tray - your inbox (the default view)
  • Box - click on this to see your archived messages
  • Clock - click on this to see your 'snoozed' messages
  • Circle and checkmark - click on this to see your sent messages
  • Document - click on this to see your draft messages
  • Trash can - click on this to see your deleted messages

You can also expand this column and see what the icons are by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the page:

screenshot showing the arrows and icons

You can archive, snooze or delete a message by clicking on the correct icon that appears at the top when you open a message:

screenshot showing the icons in a message

You cannot send messages from your inbox, but you can reply to messages that an employer or manning agent have sent to you.

How to read and reply to messages

Click on a message in your inbox. The message and any replies to it you have sent will open on your screen:

screenshot showing an open message
  • The message that is highlighted in blue is the message you are reading.
  • The details of the employer or manning agent who sent the message are on the right hand side.
  • Click on the Reply button to send a message.

When you click the Reply button you will see this:

screenshot of Martide website showing the new blank message

Here you can:

  • Type your reply into the empty box. (The email address is filled in automatically.)
  • Save the message as a draft to finish later, cancel it, or send it.
  • Attach a file or document by clicking + Add another file.

How to create a new tag for a message

Tags help you organize your inbox. When you have a message thread open, click the tag icon at the top of the page:

screenshot showing the tag feature

Here you can:

  • Add a new tag by clicking on +New tag.
  • Choose a tag that you have already created - in our example we have 2 existing tags: Job Offers and Travel Info.

Now we're going to add a new tag:

screenshot showing where to add a tag
  • Type the name of your tag into the box. We are going to call our new tag Job Applications.
  • Choose a color for that tag. We have chosen red.
  • Click Save when you're done.

Your tag will now appear in the icons column:

screenshot showing the tags

How to add a tag / flag to a message

To add a tag to a message, click on the message. This will open the message in your inbox:

screenshot of the inbox

Click on the tag icon. This will open up the tags drop down box again. Click on the flag you want to tag that message with.

When you add a tag to an email thread it will also show in the email preview and at the top of the middle column next to the other icons:

screenshot showing the tags in a message

We hope this helps you use the messages feature and thank you for using Martide!