If you’re an employer / shipowner / ship manager you can send messages and respond to the manning agents you work with, as well as any of the seafarers in Martide’s system, using our in-built messaging feature.

Here’s how to use the Messages feature

Log in to your Martide account with your email address and password. Click on the Envelope icon at the top right of the page:

screenshot of Martide's website showing the envelope icon

You will be taken to your inbox where you’ll see a number of categories in a panel on the left hand side. This is how your messages are stored and organized in the system.

As an employer / shipowner / ship manager, your inbox is organized by vessel, seafarer, and manning agency. The side panel of your inbox looks like this when the categories are compressed:

screenshot of Martide's website showing the inbox's side panel

Here you can:

  • Use the side arrows to scroll up and down your vessels and manning agents.
  • Click the View all Seafarers button to see all your candidates.
  • Expand a category by clicking on the ^ symbol next to it.

This will open a list of all vessels and manning agents. When a category is expanded, click on anything under it to get more information about the vacancy and bring up related messages. For example:

screenshot of Martide's website showing an employer's inbox

Here you can:

  • Expand the list of vessels and click on a vessel.
  • This shows a list (2nd column) of all seafarers who have applied for positions on that vessel.
  • Click on a seafarer in the 2nd column to bring up the conversation history (middle panel) and their information (far right).
  • Click the blue/white button at the top to toggle between messages to/from seafarers and manning agents.

If you scroll down the screen you will see star and paperclip icons.

screenshot of Martide's website showing the star and paperclip icons

Here you can:

  • Type a new message / reply in the white box.
  • Click on the paperclip to upload and attach files from your computer to the message.
  • Click on the star to select one of your pre-written email templates:
screenshot of Martide's website showing how to select a pre-written email template

And that's it! We hope you’ve found this guide to the Messages feature helpful but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]