The My Tasks page helps you stay organized and makes it easier for you to know what you need to do as part of your maritime recruitment process. Here’s how to use the My Tasks feature.

A few notes about My Tasks

In the Stages of an Assignment’s Pipeline, there are two options to select:

  • Assigned To: The person responsible for completing the Stage/Task.
  • Watcher: Users who need to be notified about changes at that Stage.

You can see updates on 2 different pages:

  • My Tasks page: The list of Tasks that have been assigned to you.
  • Notifications page: a) Updates on Stages where you are a Watcher, and b) updates when a new position is created and a new candidate is applied if you are that vessel’s crew operator.

  • A Crew Operator is a Watcher for all the Stages of their vessel by default.
  • Most Tasks will be generated by the Stages that you, or a User Group you are in, have been assigned. For example, if you schedule an interview it will appear in your My Tasks list (and you will also get a Notification.)

Who can Tasks be assigned to?

  • Your Users.
  • Your User Groups.
  • The vessel’s Crew Operator: Automatically set based on the vessel the position is created for. The Crew Operator should be set on the vessel’s Settings page under the Fleet page otherwise the Stage will be unassigned.
  • The vessel’s Technical Superintendent. (This is the same as for the Crew Operator.)
  • The Manning Agent (if you're using one): Every User in the manning company will be notified and can manage the Stage.
  • The Client (if you have one): Every User in a client company will be notified and can manage the Stage.

The My Tasks page

To go to your My Tasks page, log in to your Martide account and click on My Tasks in the menu on the left hand side. You will then see a page that looks something like this:

screenshot showing Martide's maritime recruitment software and the My tasks page

As you can see at the top of the page, there are 2 tabs: Upcoming and Completed. Now we are on the Upcoming Tasks tab.

Here you can:

  • See your Upcoming tasks - i.e. the Tasks you need to do.
  • Click on a Task and it will take you to that Pipeline Stage in the Assignment so you can deal with it.
  • See your overdue Tasks. (Past due.)
  • See your current Tasks. (This week.)
  • See your future Tasks. (Next week or Later.)
  • See the date that Task is due.

Types of Tasks

Each Task is identified by an icon that refers to a category. For example:

  • Grey document: Document approval.
  • Blue clipboard: Interviews.
  • Purple arrows: Negotiations.
  • Grey clipboard: Contract sign.
  • Red suitcase: Update passport.
screenshot of Martide's maritime recruitment website showing the different icons

How to deal with a Task

Click on the Task you want to deal with. In our example we will click on ‘Negotiation with Tristin Wolff.’ That takes us to the Negotiation Stage in Tristin’s Recruitment Pipeline:

screenshot of Martide's maritime recruitment website showing a candidate's pipeline

Here we can:

  • See what we now need to do - i.e. negotiate the contract with Tristin.
  • See that this Stage has been assigned to us (our example User’s name is Nicholas Yost.)
  • Assign the Stage to someone else if needed by clicking on the name box and choosing a new User from the drop down list.
  • See how many Watchers there are at this Stage - in this example there are 2.
  • Add or remove Watchers to this Stage of the Pipeline so other Users get Notifications if anything changes.
  • Approve or reject the Stage when the negotiation has taken place.

When you approve a candidate they will move to the next Stage, the Task will disappear from the main My Tasks page and you will see a new Notification on the Notifications page:

screenshot of Martide's maritime recruitment website showing a notification

You will also see a new Task on the My Tasks page. For example, we’ve approved the negotiation with Tristin and have approved his documents and so we now need to update his passport:

screenshot of Martide's maritime recruitment website showing the new task

How to check your completed Tasks

To check completed Tasks, click the Completed tab at the top of the My Tasks page:

screenshot of Martide's maritime recruitment website showing the complete tasks

And that’s it. We hope you find the My Tasks feature useful but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]