In Martide, shipowners and crew managers can make notes on candidate and seafarer profiles. This is helpful for setting reminders for yourself as well as letting team members who you’ve added to your User Groups know what is happening with a candidate/seafarer.

Here’s how to add Notes.

Understanding the Notes function

Log in to your Martide account and click on Settings in the drop down menu under your profile picture and then on Notes:

screenshot showing where to find Notes

That will take you to a page that looks like this:

screenshot of the Notes page

Here you can:

  • Add a new type of note.
  • See Notes you've already created.
  • Edit a Note by clicking the pen icon.
  • Delete a type of note by clicking the trash can icon.
  • Sort your notes by A-Z or Z-A by clicking the 3 lines next to Type

At first your Notes page will be empty, so you’ll now need to add some different types of notes.

How to add types of notes

Click on the +Add Type button on the top right. You will see a pop-up box that looks like this:

screenshot of the type pop-up-box

Here you can:

  • Enter the name of the type of note you want to add to the system. For example ‘General’, ‘Not Suitable’, ‘Reminder’ etc.
  • Choose a color to use with this type of note from the color drop down box. This makes it easier to identify different types.
screenshot of the type box and the color drop down menu

Click the Add type button and you will return to the main Notes page where you will now see your type of note:

screenshot showing the type saved on the main page

You can add as many types of notes as you like:

screenshot showing more types of note added to the main page

How to write a new Note

Now you’ve set up your types of Notes, you can save actual Notes to candidate and seafarer profiles.

To do this go to the Candidates page or the Seafarers page:

screenshot of where to find the candidates and seafarers pages

Find the candidate or seafarer who you want to write a note about. Click on their name to go to their profile.

At the top of their profile page you will see Profile and Notes:

screenshot of a profile page

Click on Notes and you will go to this page:

screenshot of a seafarer profile notes page

We haven't added any notes yet so the page says No results found.

Here you can:

  • Add a new note or notes.
  • Filter your notes by Type or Date by clicking the white boxes above the candidate’s name and profile picture.
  • Download the page as an Excel or Word file by clicking the arrow icon next to the Filters button.
  • Send the candidate a message by clicking the Send message button - this will open your Martide inbox in a new browser.

How to write a note

Click the +Add note button on the top of the page:

screenshot showing the add note button

That will open this pop-up box:

screenshot showing the add note pop up box

Here you can:

  • Select the type of note from the drop down menu.
  • Type the note into the text box.
  • Upload or drag and drop an attachment from your computer. You can add more than one attachment.

For example:

screenshot showing the pop up box with info in

When you're finished click Save and your note will appear on the candidate or seafarer's profile page under the Notes tab:

screenshot showing the note saved on the notes page

You can edit or delete saved notes by clicking the 3 little vertical dots by the vessel name:

screenshot showing where to edit or delete a note

And that’s it! We hope you find the Notes function useful but if you have any questions or need any help, please contact us at